(Update 2024) Describe a Program You Like to Watch IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Program You Like to Watch

Describe a program you like to watch image
Describe a program you like to watch image

Cue card

You should say:
– What it is?
– What it is about?
– Who you watch it with?
– And explain why you like to watch it?

Sample Answer 1

What it is?

I wanna talk about a very popular show named Singer. It’s a very entertaining singing competition show in China and is based on the Korean show I Am a Singer. It premiered in 2013 and has been running for several seasons.

What it is about?

All the contestants of the show are well-known professional singers from across the globe, mostly Asia and they rotate performing in front of a 500-member audience, who play the role of umpire and determine the results of each round. The singer who receives the fewest votes is eliminated and substituted for a new singer, so the lineup of the show is constantly changing. Another highlight of the show is the eliminated singers are entitled to give a returning performance in the next episode and are likely to return to the competition in the breakout round.

Who you watch it with?

I like to watch the show with my roommates at night when we finish our schoolwork for the day. Sometimes, I’d watch the show alone when I’m eating takeaways. And sometimes the show is broadcast on the TV in our school dining hall and it’s amazing to see hundreds of students watching it when having their meals.

And explain why you like to watch it?

I enjoy the show because it’s so engaging. When a vocalist is performing a song we are all familiar with, we’d love to sing along and sometimes their performance can be so emotionally charged that the live audience would even shed tears of excitement. Besides, unlike many other competition shows that feature unknown artists and professional coaches, Singer’s all-star lineup is what keeps the audience glued to the screen.

premiere (v) /ˈprem.i.eər/the first public performance of a play or any other type of entertainment.The film will premiere this weekend.
contestant (n) /kənˈtes.tənt/someone who competes in a contest.In tonight’s quiz, our contestants have come from all over the country.
rotate (v) /rəʊˈteɪt/to turn or cause something to turn in a circle, especially around a fixed point.Rotate the handle by 180° to open the door.
umpire (n) /ˈʌm.paɪər/a person who controls a game and makes sure that the rules are followed.Who’s going to umpire the game tonight?
eliminate (v) /iˈlɪm.ɪ.neɪt/to defeat someone so that they cannot continue in a competition.He was eliminated in the third round of the competition.
substitute (v) /ˈsʌb.stɪ.tʃuːt/in sports, to use a player for part of a game after removing another player from the game.Dayton was substituted for Williams in the second half of the game.
lineup (n) /ˈlaɪn.ʌp/a group of people that has been brought together to form a team or take part in an event.a star-studded lineup of guests on the show.
entitle (v) /ɪnˈtaɪ.təl/to give someone the right to do or have something.The employer is entitled to ask for references.
breakout (n) /ˈbreɪk.aʊt/used in connection with smaller groups that separate from a meeting to discuss a particular issue, before returning to the main meeting.
takeaway (n) a meal cooked and bought at a shop or restaurant but taken somewhere else, often home, to be eaten, or the shop or restaurant itself. a Chinese takeaway
broadcast (n) /ˈbrɔːd.kɑːst/a television or radio programme.a radio/television broadcast.
dining hall (n) /ˈdaɪ.nɪŋ ˌhɔːl/a large room or building where many people can eat at the same time.
engaging (adj) /ɪnˈɡeɪ.dʒɪŋ/pleasant, attractive, and charmingHe has an engaging manner.
vocalist (n) /ˈvəʊ.kəl.ɪst/a person who sings, especially with a group who play popular music.She won the Grammy Award for Best Female Vocalist.
be glued to something (idiom)to be unable to stop watching something.We were glued to the television watching the election results come in.

Sample Answer 2

What it is?

My favorite TV program is named A Bright World. It’s a talk show on Jiangsu TV. Both Chinese people and foreigners are invited to make their stand in the program. The issue is always about cultural differences between China and other countries and is updated every Tuesday evening. I usually watch it alone at home when I try to unwind after a long day’s studying.

What it is about?

As for the reason why I like the show, wel, firstly the host of the program is a charming and talented speaker. He was born in the US but could speak fluent Chinese. Being a household name all over China, he has captured the heart of millions of fans. He’s handsome, fall, and usually dresses in trendy blazers, with a sharp look. What’s more, his identity as both a native America and an old China hand makes him stand out from ordinary hosts in other TV shows.

He could spill out those popular Chinese idioms and slang naturally, which stuns all the audience.

Explain why you like to watch it?

Another reason that I like the program Is that the content of the show is also attractive. Foreigners from different countries are invited to share interesting experiences and insights about China, comparing them with their own country. I think it is not only an entertainment show but also an eye-opener for young people. From the program, I got some information about what people’s life is like in other countries and looked into things from different perspective.

Sample Answer 3

Part 3

1. What programs do people like to watch in your country?

Well, there are plenty of programs that people like to watch in China. Like girls, they particularly enjoy watching whatever the latest TV programs with those handsome boys. For boys, we prefer watching action movies. Now, you know, the online streaming is quite popular in China, like food blogger, travel blogger and so on. Young people like to spend their time on that. Yeah, that’s all I can think of.

2. Do people in your country like to watch foreign TV programs?

Yeah, I believe now we are living in the internet world. I mean everything about movies or new TV programs around the world, as long as it’s released, we can watch anytime anywhere. Like the Games of Thrones, which is so popular like two years ago, released its last episode 8. Netitizens in China love to watch this kind of epic and magical series. Besides, South Korean reality shows are the top choices for many girls to watch cause many of their favorite idols are likely to attend these shows.

3. What is the benefits of letting kids watch animal videos than visiting zoos?

Well, let me see. Watching animal videos rather than visiting zoos have a couple of advantages. The first one that I can think of is because kids are actually easy to feel afraid if they see animals in person, so watching them by videos could act as a safer way for them to feel dangers for better preparation for going to the zoos later in life. And considering the Covid pandemic recently, it is also a safer way of seeing animals at the same time while avoiding contacting with other people.

4. Do teachers play videos in class in your country?

Well, from my personal experience, we did not have a chance to watch videos in class like 10 years ago, cause our teachers paid great attention to our study, fearing that videos could be a distraction. But now, I believe most of the classrooms in cities are equipped with projector and some other high-tech devices, so teachers are likely to use help from videos to better deliver their classes. Still, not all schools are well fitted with video-playing devices, it is hard to say all teachers will play videos in class.

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Vocabulary: Cambridge Dictionary

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