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Archaeology Course

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Archaeology Course

• Can be combined with any other subject except 21______

• Has three 22___________modules in first semester?

Module 1

Title: 23_____________

Lecturer: Dr. Morris

Learning method: Lectures and practical sessions

Content: Based on processes

• recording


• interpretation

• display

Assessment: By 25_________

Module 2

Title: 26____________

Lecturer: Prof.Elliot

Content: 27___________ and development of built environments

Assessment: By 28_________ examination

Module 3

Title: Method and Science

Lecturer: Dr. Thompson

Content: Standard techniques in fieldwork and analysis

Learning method: 50% lab work, 50% 29___________

Site survey at end of module (the 30___________is to be announced later)


Archaeology Course
Archaeology Course

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