(Update 2024) IELTS Listening Part 3 Sample Test 5 Free


Question 21 – 25

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C

21 Why did James choose to work in the bakery?
A. Because it’s close to his home.
B. Because it has a good reputation in the subject area.
C. Because it’s a part of a chain.

22 What was James surprised at in his studies?
A. He finds the theoretical courses easy.
B. He can finish the theoretical courses.
C. He finds the theoretical work interesting.

23 How is James’ course assessed in the first term?
A. The marks are given by students to each other.
B. Self-assessment.
C. It is up to the practical experience.

24 Why has Kate enquired about the English language course?
A. She wants to become an artist.
B. It is her first language.
C. She plans to curate in a gallery.

25 What else did Kate need to get before going to the college?
A. starting date of the course
B. an offer with scholarships
C. a catalogue of modules

Questions 26-30

What statement applies to each of the following courses?

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions 26-30.

A. There are a lot of background readings.
B. People stay at the studio where the course is taken.
C. Many outside speakers will give a talk.
D. It’s the most difficult course.
E. Students do their own research.
F. Students need to spend a lot of money on a camera with a good display.
G. Expensive materials need to be bought.

26. History of Art
27. Sculpture
28. Digital Painting
29. Art Theory
30. Photography


IELTS Listening Part 3 Sample Test 5 answer
IELTS Listening Part 3 Sample Test 5 answer

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