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Describe an interesting song

Describe an interesting song image
Describe an interesting song image

Cue card

You should say:

– What the song is

– What story the song tells

– Whether the song is popular

– And explain why you think it is interesting

Sample answers

I’m gonna choose one of my favorite songs. From my all-time favorite recording artist Kanye West, the song is called Saint Pablo. It’s a rap song Kanye is a really popular and celebrated rapper in the united states.

Now, the song is about at the time kanye west was going through a lot of problems, but he made this track to kind of diss all the people that were criticizing him and talk about how great he still was. There’s a lyric in the song where he says ” I’m this generation’s closest thing to Einstein so don’t worry about me I’m fine”. Sounds a little bit cocky and arrogant but he is a pretty cocky guy so it’s quite normal for this type of thing to be said in rap lyrics.

Now the song is really popular it was viral a few years ago. It was a it was a hit track and did really good on the charts. I think it’s very interesting because during that period Kanye West had been criticized by a lot of people for a first and very bad behavior out in public. And some people were worried about his mental health and whether he was having like addiction problems or if he had kind of some kind of mental health (disease), but he made this track to come out and say that he’s still the best.

He knows what he’s doing. People are hating on him but they don’t understand so he came out defending himself and dissing all the haters. So it’s an interesting song, it’s a really catchy song and i would recommend everyone go and listen to it.

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Part 3

1. Why are many music competitions popular in China?

I suppose there are several reasons. Many young people like watching music competitions. They can listen to a lot of new songs and know some outstanding singers. Another important reason is that the music competitions offer a platform for people to show their singing abilities. Many people are inspired to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams. Last but not least, some famous singers or artists are invited to be the judges in the music competitions. They give professional comments on the contestants, which attracts a large number of music lovers.

2. What kinds of music do young people like?

Young people are full of energy and they are eager to follow the fashion, so it seems to me that most of them like to listen to popular music or music with fast tempos, such as R&B, rock and roll or Hip Hop. In addition, this kind of music is easy to enjoy and it helps young people to relax, so it is popular among them.

3. What kinds of people like traditional music?

As far as I know, people who are interested in the traditional culture like traditional music. Traditional music is regarded as a part of traditional culture. Maybe old people prefer traditional music because they think it is valuable. When old people listen to traditional music, they will recall their meaningful moments in the past.

4. What are the differences between a live concert and an online concert?

There are several differences. First of all, if people go to a live concert, they have to travel to a designated place. If they watch it online, they can just stay at home. Secondly, people must pay money for their tickets when going to a live concert. However, many online concerts are cheaper than live concerts. Some of them are even free. People don’t need to spend much money on it. What’s more, it is more exciting to be in a live concert since people can get closer to their favorite singers and interact with other fans. It is quite different from watching it on the screen.


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