(2024) Describe Something You Do That Can Help You Concentrate On Work Or Study

Describe something you do that can help you concentrate on work or study
Describe something you do that can help you concentrate on work or study

You should say:
– What it is

– How it helps you concentrate
– When you do it
– And explain how you feel about it

By nature, I’m a type of guy who is easily distracted by the surroundings, and I especially detest noises, so today I’m going to tell you about a method I use that helps to maximize my concentration to its fullest. This method is placing a pair of earplugs into my ears every time I read something.

We’re now living in a time where there are noises from everywhere: car honking, deafening noises from construction sites like someone hammering on a piece of metal. Such noises can reduce your concentration and attention span, reducing work productivity to a great extent. To counter that problem, I bought a pair of earplugs, which did wonders to me is it has helped me to stay in complete silence without being disturbed by any sounds.

This method is particularly of use as earplugs are small and easily portable, so you can take them along with you to coffee shops where there are noises from conversations, or even on the plane where you can escape from the engine noises or short hearing impairment due to low atmospheric conditions. It seems like being alone and you can wholeheartedly focus on the task at hand. It has worked wonderfully for me and I would recommend having a try at it. rather than listening to background music which can even make you lose focus as some may be more engrossed into the music played.

1. Is it important for kids to concentrate?

Concentration is absolutely crucial in the maximization of work or study productivity. When you’re committed to a certain task, you apply yourself in it by packing your brains to come up with novel ideas and solutions. At this point, your brain works to its maximum capacity and the result is that more output IS produced and you can save a great deal of time. As for kids, honing concentration skill forms the basis for many other essential skills such as Analytical ability, critical thinking and logical reasoning.

2. How can employers make their employees concentrate on their work?

There can be a number of steps to increase the level of concentration of employees. The first approach can be the provision of a quiet and comfortable work environment. If there is less noise or interruption from others, workers can wholeheartedly focus on the task at hand without suffering from distractions. The second approach is raising the salary level, as when staff are economically motivated they would be willing to exert themselves in work to deserve the amount of income they earn. As a result, better attention span is achieved.

3. What kinds of jobs need higher levels of concentration?

White collar workers often need to fully focus on their assignments as the nature of their work involves the active and constant functioning of the brain. Therefore, I would say such jobs as being an IELTS examiner require much concentration. Like they have to carefully listen to a single word pronounced by the candidate to see if there is error in their pronunciation, or they have to rack their brains in marking essays to spot grammar, vocabulary and logical reasoning mistakes. If they get distracted, the pine of thought becomes interrupted and the process may have to start all over again.

4. Why is it hard for some people to concentrate?

I reckon that some people are quite sensitive to the surroundings, so a single noise can distract them from working. For example, car honking or engine noises outside can easily divert the attention of a majority of people. In addition, some people don’t recognize the importance of the task they are undertaking and seem not to take it seriously. As consequence, they tend to slack off and only pry to finish the task without sincerity and when doing so, concentration is no longer a needed quality in the completion of a task.

5. Can technology help you concentrate?

I don’t know much about this issue, but from my personal experience, there are some types of music composed so that people can maximize their attention. I saw some clips on YouTube the other day and had a try but actually they didn’t work for me, so I guess I may stick to my own measure or paunch on a search for other alternatives to raise my concentration power.

6. Do you need to concentrate when you do sports?

I think it depends on people’s perspective towards the sport they’re playing. For competitive sports, concentrating on the tasks assigned is absolutely crucial to ensure the success of the whole team. For example, in football, the goal keeper is supposed to really focus on the direction of the ball so that he can block potential attacks from his opponent team. However, if our intention is to obtain a relaxing and refreshing experience! via sports activities, then we often, take a leisurely approach rather than being too serious and competitive. For example, we can stop halfway to have a drink, go to the toilet or do something else because we’re not playing to win.

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