(Update 2024) Describe a Photo that you are Proud of IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Photo that you are Proud of

Describe a Photo that you are Proud of Sample Image

Cue card

You should say:
– When you took it
– Where you took it
– What is in this photo
– And explain why you are proud of it

Sample Answer

The photo I’d like to mention here is the one that was taken when I got my first prize on painting. In the photo, you can see a smiling girl holding the honor certificate in hands. | still remember that when I got the news that I had won the prize, I felt so excited and ran back home at once to share my joy with my parents. Not surprisingly, they both were very proud of me and took the photo for me to mark the moment.

If you ask me why I’m so proud of this photo and this moment, there are two reasons. The first one is that the prize I won was on the behalf of my primary school. When the teacher who was in charge of class told me that I was recommended to participate in the painting contest, I accepted it with great pleasure. Although my competitors were really excellent painters, I won the glory for my school with the help of teachers and schoolmates.

The second reason is that I challenged myself and gained a sense of achievement during my struggling for the painting contest. In fact, painting is my hobby, and I’m not that professional. But for the collective honor, I devoted myself into the entry. It didn’t go well at first, because I had to spend much time on determining the theme, the way to mix the colours, and some other details. But fortunately, many friends of mine were also enthusiasts of painting who offered me numerous useful advice from their own perspectives. Finally, I managed to go over all the difficulties, and I created a piece of work that is quite satisfactory.

Describe a Photo That You are Proud of | IELTS Speaking Part 2

Part 3

1. Why do some people like to record important things with photos?

There are two main reasons, I think. First, it is unreasonable to expect that human’s brain can remember everything in life, even only important things, so taking photos to record these things is an effective way to help people to recall the memorable moments. Second, many people have the willing to share their significant life experiences with others. In this case, photo-taking is the most direct way to help them to communicate with their audiences, because transmission of visual stuffs are more impressive than only verbal communication.

2. What can people learn from historical photographs?

The first thing we can learn from the historical photos is the real history. Of course, historical documents can also show the truth, but a period of history with photos as proof is more convinced. After all, our ancients did not master the skills to have the photos photoshopped. Another thing we can learn is the beauty of arts. Indeed, some of the photographs record lots of fancy arts, including vases, clothes, and other stuffs. These photos give us the chance to enjoy the beauty of traditional artifacts and to produce our modern beauty based on the intelligence and experiences of our ancestors.

3. Is taking photos the best way to remember something?

There are so many ways to remember something in mind. Taking photos may not be the best way, but it’s an effective way to help people memorize important events. According to the research, the neurotransmission from eyes to brain is really strong, which means people can remember things quickly and deeply with the help of photos. Of course, taking photos is not the only way to bear something in mind. Other ways, such as keeping a dairy, taking advantage of APPs, and recording voice messages, are indeed good enough for remembering.

4. Which is better, taking photos or keeping a diary?

It depends actually. Different contents and aims needs different ways. If I’m on a journey, I’d like to choose to take photos, because language turns out to be pale when I’m facing a gorgeous natural scenery. When I go back home, I still can share my photos with my friends. If I’m overwhelmed in an emotion, I prefer keeping dairy, because when I write down what I thought, I can release myself at a slow pace and such a self-reflection calms my nerves, which will make me feel better then.

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Image : Photo by Felipe Gregate on Unsplash

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