(2024) Describe a Time You Received Positive Feedback

Describe a Time You Received Positive Feedback Image
Describe a Time You Received Positive Feedback Image

Cue Card

You should say:
– What you did
– Who gave you the feedback
– Why he/she gave you the positive feedback
– And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer

Well, one of the positive feedback I received was from my aunt, and the reason why it was so impressive to me is that I genuinely feel a sense of achievement from the wonderful job I have done in tutoring my cousin. Last summer, I was asked by my aunt to help her son Jerry with his high school entrance examination. I offered my assistance on general science subjects, including physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. By the way, it also helped me a little with my pocket money.

When I started to help Jerry review the knowledge in the textbook, he got a little restless and couldn’t really concentrate for only 20 minutes after the lesson started. At first, things got a bit out of control and I couldn’t draw his attention back to studying. After observing him carefully, I found that the reason is all about his lack of confidence. I had been talking too fast so that he couldn’t catch up. Then he was too embarrassed to ask me simple questions and just wanted to give up.

So during the following lessons, I explained the key points at a much slower pace and checked his understanding from time to time. Sometimes I would use examples from daily life to make him connect the theory with what he experienced daily. As well as that, once he got the correct answer on the quiz, I would give him a thumbs-up as encouragement. Gradually, he becomes attentive and even actively asks more questions.

If I remember correctly, I gave him home tutoring only for about 3 months, but his improvement was stunning, which was reflected in his next mock examination. He got 80% marks while his average score was only around 45 in the previous semester. Seeing such a huge improvement in the result of her son, my aunt gave me very nice feedback. After receiving that huge note of appreciation, I felt really proud of myself. Because of this experience. I also achieved a higher level of confidence in my own studies and professional goal. All in all, it was a great experience.

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