(2024) Describe an Object That You Think is Beautiful – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe an Object That You Think is Beautiful

Describe an Object That You Think is Beautiful image
Describe an Object That You Think is Beautiful image

Cue Card

You should say:
– What it was
– How you overcame the difficulties
– Whether you got help
– And explain how you felt after you succeeded

Sample answer 1

Well, I like to talk about hanfu. it’s a traditional clothing of Chinese people in ancient China. I’ve got one piece of han-style dress from my friend two years ago. Actually we were both into traditional Chinese culture. So she bought me this dress as a gift on my birthday

It’s a very beautiful dress. It’s a white dress and it has got this long and huge sleeves. I guess people in the past would put their money and other personal stuff in these sleeves. It’s made of silk so it’s very soft and light. It’s also made up of many layers so you know when the wind blows these layers would just be blown up and floating in the air. So it’s kind of like a fairy it’s very beautiful.

Also, there are many flower patterns on the dress and, these are all exquisite work so the whole dress is very delicate and beautiful. I always go out in this dress with my friends we will go to some Natural Parks or some ancient buildings to take some photos. These dresses can just match with the scenery perfectly.

Well, although the dress is not that convenient to wear because it’s very long and multi-layered. Personally, I would just ignore those things because they’re so beautiful and it’s a very good way to promote Chinese traditional culture. And you know that more people get to know its beauty.

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Sample answer 2

Art is everywhere it just needs a good eye to be recognized. Some art pieces have their unique appearance that attracts people. But sometimes ordinary objects also catch one’s eye.

However, last week I went to a museum with my friends, where we saw a lot of unique and ordinary art pieces, sculptures and paintings. After visiting all the art galleries in the museum, at last, we visited the painting section in which portraits of famous personalities and paintings hung on the wall.

Apart from it, there was a painting that attracted me, this painting consists of a hidden message. That painting illustrated the difference between the happiness level of rich and poor children. The rich ones were not satisfied with luxurious objects and they seemed unhappy while the poor children were playing happily with ordinary toys. By looking at the paintings I immediately understood the message that the painting gives. “Money can not buy happiness”. It is a bitter truth.

Satisfaction is considered as the most important factor to stay happy. Poor people find happiness in every little thing they have, they are satisfied with what god gives them. I also realized that we should not chase money and valuables, we always try to stay happy because life does not gives a second chance.

After taking a look at that painting, I decided to show it to my friends. I clicked the picture of it and uploaded on social media from where I received positive comments. My friends also appreciated the thinking of the painter. I felt very happy after seeing it. So this was the painting that was very unique and fascinating.

Part 3

1. Do you think there are more beautiful things now than in the past? Why?

Well, I guess so. Beautiful things like artworks, handicrafts, and even architecture are being created every day. The development of technology should definitely take the credit for their creation. For example, the camera and all kinds of graphic-editing software give people the opportunity to innovate in photography. Even the amateurish nowadays can turn out visually appealing works. Another example is the computer, which has become a powerful tool for design in a wide range of fields, like graphic design, industrial design, animation, you name it.

2. What beautiful scenery spots are there in your country?

– China is endowed with some of the most stunning/breathtaking natural scenery on this planet thanks to its vast expanses of land. There’s the picturesque Karst landscape in the southern provinces like Yunnan and Guangxi, the precipitous pillar-like formations in Zhangiajie Geopark in Central China, the four natural wonders in Huangshan including the greeting guests pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of cloud and hot springs, the spectacular Nine Villages Valley lying in the southwest of China with lakes of various colors, incredible waterfalls, unique wildlife and mountains covered with leaves of varying shades.

3. Where do you think people usually come into contact with beautiful things?

People can see beautiful things at tourist attractions. From natural views like mountains and lakes, historical sites like religious architecture and ancient palaces, to exquisite traditional handicrafts made by locals, tourist sites have a lot to offer. Apart from that, they can also find beautiful things in places like the museum and gallery where antiquities and masterpieces from different periods in history are on display. Some people might say beautiful things are ubiquitous in our daily life and we’ll notice them as long as we pay close attention to details.

4. Why do you think people create beautiful things?

Because humans are biologically wired to be attracted to beautiful things. When we see something that is pleasing to the eye, be it an impeccable sculpture, a marvelous painting or simply a beautiful clothes, we feel a great sense of joy, invigorated power and optimism for life. However, whenever we catch sight of ugliness, we feel uncomfortable and even depressed. So our cravings for beauty are in our genes and that drives us to create beautiful things.

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