(Update 2022) Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture

Describe a person you know who is from a different culture image
Describe a person you know who is from a different culture image

Cue card

You should say:
– Who he/she is
– Where he/she is from
– How you knew him/her
– And explain how you feel about him/her

Sample answer 1

Well, I remember it was a few months ago I had an argument with my classmate Jessica. She is from Europe and we met each other in the college. On that day, we were having dinner with a couple of other classmates, and one of them arrived and gave me a gift.

Simply, just because I did her a favor a couple of days ago. The gift was well packed, so I put it in my bag after I took it and just at the moment Jessica looked at me in surprise and asked me why I didn’t open it straight away. I was confused about that question as well, but I told her that I would open it later.

And then, Jessica stopped eating and seriously asked me to open it straight away, and she said it was impolite not to open it in front of everyone. I was like where does that come from right impolite? so it was really embarrassing and I never did this before. I mean, I always unpacked the gifts I received after I got home because I think sometimes people do not want others to know what they said right. So I had an argument with her. I seriously told her that I wouldn’t open it right away. I didn’t think it was impolite. Instead, I thought it was polite not to open it immediately.

She then explained to me that in her country everyone would open the gift in front of others, because in that way people could express why they choose this gift and also they can get the feedback from the receiver. Then, I realized that actually we had a culture shock. So I also explained to her that in China we didn’t do what she said because it was considered to be respectful and polite to open the gift later. So finally we understood each other and we agreed that it was because of the different culture.

Sample answer 2

Describe a person you know who is from a different culture audio

Who he/she is and Where he/she is from?

I’m going to talk about a friend of mine, Andrea. He comes from Milan and used to work as the chef in a posh local eatery before emigrating to China. I met him through our mutual friend, Jerry, a regular customer to the cafe I always go to. Jerry’s a quintessential foodie and runs a few social media accounts featuring restaurants and food.


One day, Jerry and I talked about Italian cuisine, which I was quite keen on, and also some of the most fabulous Italian restaurants in our city. He mentioned a place I’d never heard of and it’s got an excellent rating on Yelp for its wide variety of Italian dishes. personalized service and quality ingredients. He suggested going to that restaurant for dinner, adding that he’s a good friend of its owner and could make reservations with him. I was certainly not going to waste that opportunity to taste some authentic Italian food.

How you met him and how you feel about him?

As soon as we arrived, a foreigner came out of the restaurant and greeted us with cordiality. Jerry introduced us to each other. That’s how I met Andrea.

Andrea joined us for dinner that day and shared many of his personal stories to us, like how he met Jerry, his hometown, where his passion for food came from and why he moved to China in his late 40s. Andrea’s very amicable and talkative. We were exchanging pleasantries before the meal, but when it was over, I somehow felt like we’d been friends for many years. On top of that, the food served there is divine, especially carbonara and Parma ham. From then on, I would go to his restaurant every time I’m craving for some Italian delicacies.

Part 3

1. Where and how can we get to know people of different cultures better?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cultural diversity?

3. How can traditional culture and other cultures coexist?

4. Which Chinese traditions are disappearing?

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Vocabulary: Cambridge Dictionary

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