(2022) Describe a Time When You Received Money as a Gift

Describe a Time When You Received Money as a Gift

Describe a time when you received money as a gift
Describe a time when you received money as a gift

Cue card

You should say:
– When it happened
– Who gave you money
– Why he/she gave you money
– And explain how you used the money

Sample answer 1


I wanna talk about the time when I decided to apply to a top-notch high school / university and when I got admitted, the school / university offered me scholarship and my parents also gave me money as gift.

Being one of the most selective school/university in my city/country, it admits less than 10% of its applicants every year. To get in, I had to pass all the exams with flying colours and stand out in a group interview in English which assesses candidates’ critical thinking and communication skills.

I had a year to prepare for the exams and the interview. I knew there’s room for improvement in my study, so I really worked my ass off/ applied myself. That whole year I studied from dawn to dusk, stopped playing truant, took in everything my teachers were saying in class, buried myself in books and studied intensively until I knew the subject inside out. In order to be productive, I made myself study plans every month, breaking the long-term goal into manageable tasks and prioritizing them by jotting down a to-do-list everyday. At the end of the day, I would tick off the tasks that had been completed, which gave me a sense of achievement and kept me motivated.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing I wasn’t very good at physics at the time, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I just couldn’t make head or tail of mechanics, I only just scraped through my final exam of physics the first year, and it really held me back. Then I turned to my tutor for help, to whom I feel so grateful, it’s because she gave me regular feedback on my work that my physics came on in leaps and bounds as a result.

The rest is history, I sailed through all the exams, passed the interview and secured a place at the university. When the result came out, I was of course over the moon. I won scholarship and received money from my parents as I said early. I think the monetary rewards were the icing on the cake.

Sample answer 2


Well, it was my last birthday and I got the money as a gift from my best friend. Actually, she was supposed to come to my birthday party on that day from another city, but you know because of the pandemic she would be put in quarantine if she came. So, she was really worried about this situation because she really want to come since we were best friends.

But then I persuaded her not to come because I think it was right for her to put her safety and also her family’s safety at first. And then she decided not to come. So on that day, I got the money from her. She couldn’t give me the actual Red Envelope of money so she sent me a red packet of money on WeChat.

It’s actually a very popular and convenient way for people in China to give others money. When the clock hit 12 am, I got the money as a gift from her right away, and she also sent me her best wishes. I got 520 Yen from her, and this number is very special actually because the pronunciation of this number in Chinese in Mandarin is similar to the pronunciation of I love you in Mandarin.

So it was really special and interesting, I was very touched and also she explained that she knew that I have already got everything I need. I mean I don’t want any luxury goods or any electronic devices. I’ve pretty much had everything I need so she thought money would be a better gift for me. I could use this money to buy things I like later.

I also think money is a very practical gift because in the past I got some gifts from other friends and I never used them. I think that was a waste. So I was very happy with this gift, and we promised each other that we would meet up as soon as the situation of pandemic got better.

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Sample answer 3


Part 3

1. Why do people rarely use cash now?


2. When do children begin to comprehend the value of money?


3. Should parents reward children with money?


4. Is it good and necessary to teach children to save money?


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