(2024) Describe a Story or Novel You Have Read That You Found Interesting IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Story or Novel You Have Read That You Found Interesting

Describe a Story or Novel You Have Read That You Found Interesting sample image
Describe a Story or Novel You Have Read That You Found Interesting sample image

Cue card

You should say:
– When you read it
– What the story or novel was about
– Who wrote it
– And explain why it was interesting

Sample Answer 1

Being a voracious reader, I am a big fan of storybooks. Although I have read many stories, one of them is special, and it is worth mentioning.

This story is about a poor farmer. One day he comes to know from the locals that there is gold on his farms, and he needs to dig a particular area to extract it. Upon hearing this, the poor farmer gets excited, and wherever funds he has, he buys a digging machine from that. And he works with determination, dedication and discipline for two months.

However, despite his hard work, he didn’t find gold. He gets dejected and, in anger, sells his farm to another person. The new owner of the farm restarts the digging process, and within half an hour, he manages to find the gold.

This story is written in the famous book “Think And Grow Rich ” I read it during my college days.
This story teaches us a wonderful lesson: our focus should be on our work, not the results. On many occasions, we do not achieve our target because our attempts are half-hearted.

The farmer made the same mistake. He started with a lot of enthusiasm, but when the result was not visible, he showed frustration, and he missed the reward. Furthermore, it teaches us to have a central focus on our work and success is a journey.

Being consistent can lead our lives toward an impressive growth trajectory.

Sample Answer 2

I’m gonna talk about a novel that I’ve finished reading recently, called shengsipilao, and the English name goes Life and death are wearing me out, which is written by Moan. He’s kind of household name because of the Nobel Prize in literature. It’s a chunky book with nearly 6 hundred pages, I’ve read this book for about half a month on and off.

It tells a story ranges from 1950 to 2000, the main character is a kind landowner in the agricultural district. At the beginning of the story, He is shot because of land Revolution, so his land can be redistributed. When he passed away with his hate, he went to the underworld, then his soul is sent back to Earth in the body of six different kinds of animals, born in the very same village where he previously lived with his human intelligence and is able to observe and interact with his former neighbors.

With six generations of reincarnation being a donkey, a bull, a pig, a dog and a monkey, gradually he forgot his hate and become a person at last.

I thought the novel is so attractive and interesting, because of the writer’s brilliant imagination, I mean, how can a person become an animal after he died.

Besides, you can regarded it as a Chinese history book, you can see how people lived and how the world changed in these 50 years.

The name of the book comes from a budda saying, simply means only if you don’t confused about your gain and loss, you can stop wearing yourself out from born and death. I suppose it’s a profound and interesting book.

Describe a Story or Novel You Have Read That You Found Interesting | IELTS Speaking Part 2

Part 3

1. How does technology help people tell stories?

The key thing is that technology makes the presentation of a story more dynamic and enriches our feelings, the key word in story-telling with technology is now “experience”, the more exciting the better and, if possible, even involving all senses. for example, the museum will use VR to present the story for many periods from which visitors can choose, even visitors may act as part of the story.

2. Do you prefer to read e-books or paper books?

E-books, always. I did love paper books — the way they feel, their smell, that feeling when you turn the last page, the texture of paper, the little pits and holes you start seeing in old books and that amazing, exciting, humbling feeling you get in a library… I love them all! But at one point, I realized that saving paper was more important to me than how a book made me feel. Until now, I am getting several benefits using e-book, it not only save me lots of storage, but also is easy to buy in low cost compare to paper book.

3. Why are mystery novels so popular nowadays?

Mystery stories offer suspense, an alternative satisfaction, and they also offer an escape from the fears and worries and stress and tension of everyday life. Many who would rather stay away from intellectually “heavy books find it hard to resist these.

4. What kinds of novels are suitable for film adaptation?

Firstly, appropriate length and content. It can be short, but not too long. Short and medium novels want to attract readers in a small space, usually the plot characters are not bad, and some novels have a lot of white space in the plot, which can be adapted into excellent movies. Moreover, The plots should be exciting and well-organized, and the characters should be lively. Nowadays, when people watch movies, they focus on the plots to see the special effects, even look at the acting skills. Therefore, the plots and characters must not be inferior to the original work.

Describe a Story or Novel You Have Read That You Found Interesting | IELTS Speaking Part 3

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