(2024) Describe a Time when You Needed to Search for Information

Describe a Time when You Needed to Search for Information
Describe a Time when You Needed to Search for Information sample image

Cue card

You should say:
– What information you needed to search for
– When you searched for it
– Where you searched for it
– And explain why you needed to search for it

Sample Answer 1

When it comes to an information searching experience, I want to tell you one happened a few days ago. I invited my friends to my home for dinner. I decided to make moon cake, a traditional Chinese snack in the Mid Autumn Festival,for my friends. It consists of flour, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients. According to personal preferences, different molds can be used to present different shapes, but mainly round.

However, I soon found a problem. I have never made moon cakes before, nor do I know the exact steps and portions, such as the proportion of flour and water, and how long it should be baked. Therefore, I use the Internet to figure out these details.

I first used Baidu, a search engine, to find what I wanted. But most of the information on the website is about the origin of the moon cake instead of the production. Later, I searched for “how to make a moon-cake” on TikTok, and many short videos related to it were shown, with very detailed steps.

I was very satisfied with the search results, and I learned that sometimes search engines can only play a guiding role. You need to find the right place to get the information you want.

Sample Answer 2

The time that I recall that I needed to search for information is last year, when my husband and I were planning to have a trip to Yunnan Province as we love adventure and mountains.

So I wanted to plan a trip which includes everything, and at the same time our baby can be taken care of safely. There are many tour providers in China who really give good advice and services when you’re traveling. I wanted to have a combined travel package which include accommodation food and sightseeing.

So I started looking at some popular tour operators and websites like MakeMyTrip, booking.com, and apps like Feizhu in China. There are some companies who really are market leaders and they provide all services which tourists needs. So I checked out some popular tour packages which are in our budgets and provide all the facilities and amenities which we wanted. We also checked out some tourist traps to visit during our stay.

Besides, I had a look at some websites reviews like Yelp. I also read comments from other tourists about recommendations for food and places. I feel I needed to search for information for it because I wanted to enjoy my trip to the fullest and do not want to get into bookings and inquiries while I’m traveling. So I did this in the beginning and finalized everything that I can enjoy every moment of my trip.

I think information is something that we need to be accurate before we start anything. Today in this Digital World, data regarding anything is available on the internet and searching engines like Google or Baidu. We can surf a blogs websites of companies and organizations for specific information while conducting research buying a new gadgets or going on a holiday.

Describe a Time when You Needed to Search for Information | IELTS Speaking Part 2

Part 3

1. How can people search for information now?

Most people do research through search engine websites such as Google. Actually, the company name Google is now used as a verb for searching information online. People can access to millions of search results in less than a second which is a game changer compared with searching information from physical books in a library.

2. What information can people get from television?

They can get all kinds of information by watching the designated TV channels. For example, they can learn about the earth on the Discovery channel, get real-time news updates from news channels, etc.

3. Do you think libraries are still important in the digital age?

Important but not as important. Libraries used to be the gateway that provides access to huge resources of information and knowledge. Now, people can use Google for searching information. Libraries are now a place for local community recreation which still plays a fundamental role in society.

4. Does the development of the Internet have any impact on some disadvantaged people?

Absolutely. Disadvantaged people used to be invisible to most people But now, people can raise money around the world through the internet to help these disadvantaged groups.

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