(2024) Describe An Unusual Holiday/ Vacation You Had

Describe An Unusual Holiday/ Vacation You Had
Describe An Unusual Holiday/ Vacation You Had

You should say:

  • When and where you went
  • Who you went with
  • What you did there
  • And explain why it was unusual

I’d like to share an unusual holiday I had during the May Day holiday in 2019. My destination was Budapest, Hungary, a city known for its rich history and stunning architecture. However, the purpose of my visit was quite unique. I went there with a group of friends, all of us being avid table tennis enthusiasts.

The highlight of our trip was attending the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest. This event is not something that many travelers would typically include in their holiday itinerary, making our trip quite out of the ordinary. We were thrilled to be part of the live audience, experiencing the intense atmosphere and excitement that you just can’ t get from watching it on TV.

The most memorable part of this trip was witnessing the Chinese player Ma Long win the men’s singles championship. Watching him play live, seeing his agility and skill up close, was an exhilarating experience. As fans of the sport, we were deeply inspired and moved by his performance.

What made this holiday unusual was not just the destination, but the combination of travel and experiencing a world-class sports event firsthand. It was a rare opportunity to immerse ourselves in a global sporting event, making it a unique blend of tourism and sports enthusiasm. This trip wasn’ t just about sightseeing or relaxation; it was about engaging with a passion and being part of a significant event in the world of sports.

One of the most unusual vacations I had was a trip to the Arctic Circle, specifically to a remote village in Norway called Tromso. I embarked on this adventure in the winter of 2018, accompanied by a group of close friends who shared a passion for unique travel experiences.

Tromso, situated within the Arctic Circle, offered a distinctive vacation setting characterized by polar nights, extreme cold, and the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Our days were filled with activities like dog sledding, ice fishing, and snowmobiling, providing us with a taste of life in the Arctic wilderness.

What made this vacation truly unusual was the extreme environment and the chance to experience activities not typical of a standard holiday. For example, dog sledding through the snow-covered landscapes under the Northern Lights was a surreal and breathtaking experience. We also had the opportunity to stay in a traditional Sami tent, gaining insights into the indigenous culture of the region.

The unusual aspect of this vacation was not only the unconventional destination but also the range of activities that pushed us out of our comfort zones. The extreme cold, the Arctic wildlife, and the unique cultural encounters made it a vacation like no other, It was a departure from the typical sun-and-sand holidays, offering an adventure filled with natural wonders and cultural immersion.

In summary, the trip to Tromso in the Arctic Circle with its extreme conditions, unique activities, and cultural experiences made it an unusual and unforgettable vacation. It allowed me to appreciate the beauty and challenges of a region seldom visited, creating lasting memories and a sense of adventure that set it apart from more conventional travel experiences.

When I was in my primary school, my parents took me to Qingdao during my summer vacation. For the first two days, we enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful beach like typical tourists. However, the next morning, my father woke me up very early and we went to a pier. From there, we boarded a boat and ventured into the waters off the coast to see whales and dolphins. I was both surprised and amazed.

We set sail early in the morning, and as we moved further away from the shore, my excitement grew. After a while, we spotted the first group of dolphins jumping and playing in the waves. Their acrobatic moves and joyful energy were truly captivating. We watched in amazement as they swam right alongside the boat, as if they were thoroughly enjoying our company.

Continuing our journey, the guides received a radio call about a nearby whale sighting. We swiftly changed direction and headed towards the location. It didn’t take long before we witnessed the majestic sight of a humpback whale breaching the surface, gracefully diving back into the deep.

We spent several hours observing different types of whales and dolphins. The guides provided us with fascinating information about their behavior, migration patterns, and conservation efforts.

This holiday was remarkable because it gave me the opportunity to see these incredible marine creatures up close in their natural habitat. The feeling of being surrounded by them and witnessing their natural behavior was truly mind-blowing.

This boat trip offered a one-of-a-kind holiday experience that made me deeply appreciate the beauty and diversity of marine life. It served as a reminder of the importance of protecting and conserving these amazing creatures and their habitats.

1. Do you think people in your country have long enough holidays?

In my country, people generally have a combination of national holidays and standard amount of annual leave which may vary depending on the company or industry. While it may be sufficient for some individuals, others may feel that they would like more time off to relax, travel, or spend quality time with their loved ones.

2. Which holidays are popular in your country?

In my country, traditional holidays like the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are popular. These traditional holidays are widely celebrated and often involve gatherings with family and friends, festive meals, and various traditions and customs. Apart from traditional festivals, National Day holiday is popular as well, because we have 7 days off, which is one of the longest holiday every year.

3. Are there any popular places for holidays in your country?

Certainly! In my country, there are numerous highly sought-after locations for vacations. Sanya is a place to enjoy picturesque coastlines with stunning sandy shores and crystal-clear waters under the sunshine. People in the north are keen to go to Sanya to spend their winter there. And Xian is the city to experience the significant historical monuments that provide insights into our rich heritage.

4. What are the differences between old and young people when spending their holidays?

The differences between old and young people when spending their holidays can vary. Younger people often seek adventure and excitement, and may prefer activities like hiking, exploring new cities, or engaging in expedition. On the other hand, older people may prefer more relaxed and leisurely holidays, such as visiting historical attractions, enjoying cultural events, or taking scenic tours.

5. Do you think having holidays help people learn other countries’ cultures?

Sure! Going on holidays can totally help people learn about other countries’ cultures. When people travel to different countries, they get to experience new traditions, try out local food, mingle with the locals, and visit historical sites. All of these experiences expand their horizons and make them more open-minded and appreciative of different cultures.

6. Why do some people dislike holidays?

I assume there are various reasons. For some, holidays can be stressful because of the hassle of planning and organizing trips. Others may have had bad experiences during holidays, like dealing with crowded tourist spots or travel issues. And then there are those who prefer sticking to their routine and find it unsettling to have their regular schedule disrupted during holidays.

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