(2024) Describe An Outdoor Activity You Did

Describe An Outdoor Activity You Did
Describe An Outdoor Activity You Did

You should say:

  • What the activity was
  • When and where you did it
  • Who you did it with
  • And explain why you enjoyed it

Certainly. Recently, I engaged in a hiking activity, which is a popular outdoor pursuit in my region. The invitation to participate in this activity came from a close friend who is an avid hiker and often explores various trails in the nearby mountains.

While I didn’t specifically ask for help in the overall planning of the activity, my friend did provide guidance on the choice of trail based on my hiking experience and fitness level. As it was a more challenging trail than what i had previously attempted, my friend gave me some useful tips on pacing myself and staying hydrated during the hike.

The significant change that occurred during the activity was the unexpected weather shift. What started as a clear and sunny day suddenly transformed into overcast conditions with occasional rain showers. This change added an element of unpredictability and excitement to the hike, as we had to adapt our plans and make adjustments to ensure safety on the trail.

Despite the unexpected weather, the experience turned out to be memorable. The rain brought out vibrant colors in the surrounding landscape, and the cooler temperature made the hike more enjoyable. It highlighted the importance of flexibility and adaptability in outdoor activities, reminding me that sometimes unexpected changes can lead to even more rewarding experiences in the great outdoors.

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Image : Photo by Ashley Knedler on Unsplash

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