(Update 2024) Describe a skill that you learned from older people Free

Describe a skill that you learned from older people

Describe a skill that you learned from older people image
Describe a skill that you learned from older people image

Cue card

You should say:

– What the skill is

– Who you learned it from

– How you learned it

– And how you feel about it

Sample answer

Older people are an important source of information and role models. Today I want to speak about a skill I learned from my grandmother’s friend. It’s a fun activity that enables grandparents to connect with their grandchildren. Teaching traditional dances could keep your beloved active and let your children learn something new. A friend of my grandmother lives close to home. She is Very good at dance, especially in the old forms of dance.

Last year during the final year of graduation, our college principal gave the task of performing folk dance at the party. I know a variety of dance forms, but these are new dance forms. I know the names of the old dance forms, but I did not try them because they are very difficult. Traditional dances require a lot of hard work and should have the talent to show facial expressions. I told my grandma. She told me she could ask her friend who can teach you traditional dance. A day later grandmother told me that her friend was ready to teach me how to do a traditional dance.

The training of this form of dance took two weeks. I learned Kathak from her. I went to her house every evening after college for two hours and on weekends I spent about half a day at her house to practice dancing. I was always feeling very tired after dancing because it demanded full focus and hard work. I lost 2 kg in training in a couple of weeks. On the day of the reception, the director of my college was pleased with my performance.

I felt very happy because it was only possible with her assistance. After this event, I did not stop learning, even I continue to learn traditional dances from her until now and possibly in the future as well. I Thanked my grandmother and her friend for helping me.

Part 3

1. What can children learn from their parents?

Parents have a vital role in children learning phase. They are the first teacher of children, from birth until they exist, always have something to teach them. Children can learn to walk, walk, eat from their parents. Furthermore, manners, behavior, taking precautions are essential skills that parents teach children every now and then. Also, many parents teach their kids to play adventure games, such as skating, climbing, and many more others. In fact, I teach my daughter to skate, I don’t know skating though I follow some YouTube lessons to teach.

2. What knowledge can children gain from their grandparents?

In my view, grandparents share their knowledge as much as possible with their grand children. The first I can think of is knowledge about old skills which endangered or are extinct such as weaving, forging. Though some older people haven’t had experience in such skills, they still can share the information they have with kids, this will at least be known by the young generation. Also, Grandparents can share their whole life experiences which will definitely have some impact on young people.

3. How difficult or easy to learn from older people?

It really depends on various factors such as which skill learning, method of learning, people involved in the learning. Some skills are easy to capture, and some are challenging. Another factor is pedagogy used because this makes the learning process easier or difficult. It is also important who is teaching and learning due to individual capability varies from person to person. So, it is hard to say whether learning from older people is easy or difficult to learn.

4. In your country, do you think skills held only by older people are extinct?

Unfortunately! yes. There are plenty of skills older people possessed and are not transferred in a timely manner. Mainly because the young generation is running more towards technology and does not show interest in old skills. Also, older people are not in a condition to carry on those skills due to their health problems. Thus, the skills only held by old people are extinct.

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