(Update 2024) Describe something you received for free Free

Describe something you received for free

Describe something you received for free image
Describe something you received for free image

Cue card

You should say:

– What it was

– Who you received it from

– Where you received it

And how you felt about it

Sample answer

Describe something you received for free sample audio

These days, businesses and stores are trying to attract prospective customers by offering different kinds of lucrative deals in order to increase their sales. One such deal is called “buy one get one free”. Needless to say, I like this kind of deal, because it helps me save some money. Today, I would like to talk about one such deal in which, I received a gift item for free.

The free item, I got, as a gift was a soundbox, and I got it from one of the most popular electronic appliance stores in my city. By the way, this particular store had a good reputation of selling quality products at an affordable and discounted price, and that’s why customers like me from all over the city used to flock into it in order to buy their products of choices.

Of course, I didn’t have any prior knowledge about the free gift item when I went to buy a LED TV. But as soon as, I asked the salesperson about a particular TV, I liked, he informed me that I could actually get a nice sound box for free if I had bought that TV.

I liked what I heard from the salesperson. So, I requested him to show me the soundbox, and he gladly agreed. To my surprise, I found the soundbox to be very nice looking with gorgeous colour and a perfect size. On top of that, the soundbox was also manufactured by a famous company. So, I just went ahead and bought the TV while also getting the soundbox with it.

Anyway, after receiving the free item, I felt really happy and also lucky at the same time. In fact, I actually needed one such small soundbox to attach with my laptop because its sound system stopped working a while ago. Besides, I also felt that the soundbox looked really nice and could also be used as a home decorating item. All in all, it was a great useful item for the price I paid to buy a LED TV.

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Part 3

1. Do you think people should pay for higher education? Why?

I definitely think that people should pay for higher education themselves. I think people should only go for higher education when they are really interested. Paying it for ourselves means- we do it only when we really want to. At the same time, I also feel that government should provide scholarships and loans to poor students so that they don’t leave education because of money.

2. Is it good or bad for people to have a free education in the future?

I think free primary education is good because everyone should get primary education but I think higher education should be paid for by the student themselves. Actually, I don’t think it is possible for the government to fund higher education for everyone.

3. What free gifts do companies usually give to their customers?

In Vietnam, I think companies give small gifts like pens, calendars and cups, etc to customers. They are free gifts for customers but in a way, they are advertising for the company. Then, there are also deals like buy one- get one free, which are technically gifts, but in a way – the prices factor in the free gift such that the company is still in profit.

4. Why do customers like to receive free gifts from companies?

I think there is no better feeling than getting something for free. It is just human nature, when we get something for free- we feel lucky. When we buy something, we are always thinking, whether we could have gotten something better for the same price, whether we were cheated, but when we get something for free, we feel like we couldn’t get a better deal because what’s better than free.


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