(Update 2024) Describe a long walk you ever had Free

Describe a long walk you ever had

Describe a long walk you ever had
Describe a long walk you ever had sample image

Cue card

You should say:
– When this happened
– Where you walked
– Who you were with
– And explain how you felt about this long walk

Sample answer

I’d like to talk about the one particular walk I had with my best friend a year ago. It had been a very tough day for me, working on weekends and to top it, the work was a bit bizarre. I was about to crash when Pant called me up for a walk. I remember running from my work desk and out to the office gate as if I had found my freedom. We initially thought of going for a 15-minute walk, but I came back after around one hour.

We were ambling talking about the unnecessary things, discussing each other and having a beautiful time. It was late in the evening and the winds were blowing beautifully. We had burger first then tea followed by corn and then ice cream. There was not much distance that we covered, we were around 500 meters from the office area, but we took many rounds of the same place, and it was amazing.

We chatted about his dreams and mine and then about the things going right and wrong in our lives. Then, we discussed our families and our old crushes, broken hearts and almost everything. It was a lovely walk, after a terrible day at work, when you are stuck to a computer screen for more than 10 hours, nothing can be better than having a walk with your best friend.

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Part 3

1. What outdoor activities do people like?

People have a plethora of activities to do. First and foremost is a picnic. Individuals from all age groups have a liking for this activity. The best advantage it serves is that people experience fun and enjoyment at a low cost. Secondly, people love to play adventure sports. Many adventure enthusiasts have this uncanny knack for doing things beyond the conventional domain. They do activities like rock climbing, bungee jumping and paragliding to unwind themselves. Apart from this, many people of altruistic nature do something worthwhile for society through outdoor activities. They organize medical camps, roadshows and awareness programs for the general public’s welfare.

2. What are the differences between the outdoor activity children did in the past and now?

In the past, the outdoor activities of children used to be simple. As the infrastructure development was not much, many children would play games like hiding and seek, running in the park etc. On the other hand, children have a plethora of options for outdoor activities. They do pursuits like drone flying and play sports such as hockey and cricket.

3. Is leisure important to everyone? why?

I express solidarity with the statement that leisure is significant to everyone. Because nowadays there is fierce competition in every field. Due to this, people have to do tremendous hard work to carve out a niche for themselves. The persistent hard work drains people physically and mentally. Hence, they must spend leisure time in various indoor and outdoor activities. Because it helps them to unwind themselves: secondly, it empowers them to think beyond the conventional domain.

4. Do women have more leisure than men?

In the past, women used to take care of household chores, so they used to have more leisure than men. However, in the contemporary epoch, women work in tandem with men in all the tasks. Due to this, the availability of leisure time is the same for both genders. However, the leisure enjoyed by people does not depend on gender. It differs from person to person.


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