(Update 2024) Describe a person who contributes to the society Free

Describe a person who contributes to the society

Describe a person who contributes to the society image
Describe a person who contributes to the society image

Cue card

You should say:

– Who this person is

– How you knew him/her

– What type of work he/she does

– And explain why you think his/her work is useful to the society

Sample answer

I’m gonna go with my mom, I think my mom contributes a lot to society.

How do I know her she’s my mom: I’ve known her my entire life, she’s one of the most she is the most important person in my life. What she does for society is a lot, I mean she was a teacher for 40 years.

She recently retired and she’s been doing a lot of volunteering because in Canada it’s quite normal after you retire. You don’t want to feel useless, you don’t want to feel like you’re stuck at home and you’re just you know you have nothing to do, you can’t contribute to society. So my mom still travels to some remote areas of our province and helps children with improving their their reading ability, which is a really noble thing to do and a really compassionate thing to do I think.

She’s also writing a book right now which will help other teachers with what’s called Reading recovery, which means taking kids and helping them to improve their reading. So my mom hopefully my mom’s book will contribute a lot to the second generation of teachers right now that are teaching in Reading recovery.

I think my mom contributes to society because she really feels like even though she has a lot of energy left and she doesn’t just want to sit around and watch tv. I think she wants to take part in society, she wants to be somebody who makes a difference, she wants to be remembered as somebody who did actually really affect in a positive way many younger people. So I think my mom does a very good job of keeping active and giving back to the society that gave her a lot.

Describe a person who contributes to the society Sample video

Part 3

1. What jobs are well-paid?

In my opinion, there are three main kinds of jobs that are well-paid. First of all, jobs that require special skills or high technology are well-paid. People who do this kind of job won’t be replaced by others easily, so they have chances to get decent salaries. Another one is dangerous jobs. There are fewer people who want to do it, so employers often offer higher pay. Apart from that, people who can help their companies make great profits will have a high income, too.

2. What are the changes in working conditions?

Compared to the past, working conditions are much better nowadays. Offices are air-conditioned and all kinds of high-tech equipment, like computers, copy machines and mobile phones are commonly used. Also, many backbreaking manual jobs are done by robots. They not only improve efficiency but also enhance productivity. What’s more, laws have been issued by the government to protect and guarantee people’s working conditions. These changes are noticeable.

3. What are the impacts of the epidemic on the work environment?

The epidemic has great impacts on the work environment. Due to the epidemic, millions of people work from home. They don’t need to travel to the workplace. They just stay at home and finish their tasks online. Their work environment becomes smaller and people stay with their family members instead of their colleagues. On the other hand, people who have to work in person must keep social distance and reduce face-to-face contact. Their work environment becomes less crowded and interesting.

4. Do you think younger people should be lower-paid than older people?

I think everyone enjoys equal opportunities. The salary should depend on people’s working performance. If older people have more experience and their working efficiency is much higher than younger people, they should get higher pay. However, if younger people master special skills and can bring great profits, I don’t think they should be lower-paid than older people.

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