(Update 2024) Describe something that you are interested to learn or improve Free Lesson

Describe something that you are interested to learn or improve

Describe something that you are interested to learn or improve image
Describe something that you are interested to learn or improve image

Cue card

You should say:

– what you plan/want to learn in the future
– why you want to learn it
– where and how you will learn it

and explain how learning this might help you

Sample answer

I am interested in swimming. I can swim well because I began to learn swimming when I was in primary school, but I still want to improve my swimming skills. I think I am able to swim faster if I get some professional instructions.

Maybe I will enroll in some swimming courses and find an instructor to teach me. Of course I can also take part in the swimming competitions which are held in my university. In the competitions, I have opportunities to learn something precious from my rivals.

There are a lot of benefits of swimming. It is a great total body workout. Swimming burns lots of calories and helps improve sleep. It makes me healthier and stronger. Apart from that, I really enjoy the quietness and freedom in the water. When swimming, I feel that my stress disappears. It is a wonderful way to manage my emotional status. I will keep on practicing and improving the swimming skills.

I am sure I will be able to swim faster and faster. After I improve it, I think I can teach my friends who want to learn swimming. I may probably use this skill to earn money in the future. If I make it, I will have a sense of accomplishment.

Part 3

1. Is it hard for adults to continue learning? Why?

I think it depends on different people. For some adults, it is easy for them to continue learning because they have ambitions to become better. On the other hand, some people just get used to their routine life and don’t want to make a breakthrough, so they don’t think it is necessary to learn something new. Of course there are some adults who are busy with work or house chores, which makes it difficult for them to continue learning.

2. Is it the government’s responsibility to assist people to learn?

No, I don’t think so. It is the government’s responsibility to offer compulsory education instead of assisting people to learn. People keep learning throughout their life and chances only favor people who are well prepared. So people need to learn by themselves. Although it is not the government’s responsibility, the government can still give some support, such as issuing some policies or giving suggestions which are helpful for people to learn.

3. What are the differences between education in the past and now?

In the past, education was based on books and lectures. Students focused more on academic subjects and their scores in school. Now the stress on study is much higher. Students learn more advanced knowledge ahead of schedule, compared with those in the past. Education today attaches more importance to people’s creativity, imagination and innovation.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning?

I think the advantages of distance learning are convenience and flexibility. Students save a lot of time because they just sit in front of the computer and attend the classes online. Also most of the classes are recorded and students can watch them repeatedly. However, the disadvantages are obvious when it is impossible for the teachers to track every student’s progress. And they usually fail to get the immediate feedback from the students. At the same time, students must be self-disciplined enough to follow the teachers’ teaching. Last but not least, distance learning means more screen-time which has negative impact on students’ eyesight.

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