(Update 2024) Describe a rule that you don’t like Free

Describe a rule that you don’t like

Describe a rule that you don’t like image
Describe a rule that you don’t like image

Cue card

You should say:
– What it is
– Why you do not like it
– How others feel about the rule
And explain whether you have followed the rule or not

Sample answer

Describe a rule that you don’t like Sample audio

School plays an important role in our life as this makes our platform is the first step of our journey of education. However, there are certain rules in schools which I don’t prefer, and today I am going to talk about one of these rules.

This rule was regarding Internet lab. I was studying in school in my hometown, and it was an era when computers were just introduced in schools. We were certainly amazed by these machines at that time and wanted to practice as much as possible. However, there was an annoying rule by our school administration, which was not allowing us to access these computers.

As per that rule, we were not allowed to enter the computer lab, and only the 10th and 12th class was allowed to practice on these computers. I was studying in 8th class at that time and wanted to have my hands on that computer. All other students were also angry due to this rule and approached the principal several times, but all was in vain.

However, I got access to the computer room once secretly. Actually, once I missed the morning player as I was late and I found that the IT lab door was open and all teachers were attending morning prayers, I found this situation as an opportunity to fulfil my desires and approached that computer. I closed the door from inside and started using a computer, but soon after that, I was caught by our IT teacher, who later on punished me and made a complaint to my parents.

I certainly did not like that rule because knowledge shall be available to everyone irrespective of class and grade. Because of this rule, I felt that my school administration was a bit polarized towards higher education classes.

Describe a rule that you don’t like sample video

Part 3

Are the rules at school good or bad? Why?
What are the rules students should follow at school?

1. Why do schools make rules?

Schools make rules to maintain discipline. They are the centres of learning, where children are moulded into responsible adults. We all have to follow rules, imposed by the government, as adults. So, schools start that process of obeying rules in childhood only

2. What’s the importance of obeying law?

Without law, we would be living in utter chaos. There would be crime everywhere and life would be difficult for the common man. For example, if we don’t obey traffic rules, we would have many accidents. If there were no property rules, people would make their houses anywhere and the whole city would be unplanned.

3. What can parents and teachers do to help children follow rules?

Parents and teachers can be good role models for children. Children are copycats. If they see their elders following rules, they will do it automatically. Just telling them to do something will not have that much effect.

4. Is it a good thing to break rules sometimes?

It is definitely not good to break rules, but sometimes in case of emergencies, for example, if we have to make way for an ambulance to pass, we may need to break rules. Sometimes, it is a matter of life and death.

5. Why do some people say that rules are made to be broken?

Some people say so because they have a very callous attitude to life. They do not understand the importance of rules. They are lazy and do not care about things.

6. Do you think children should follow all kinds of rules?

Yes, children should follow all kinds of rules. They should be made to understand that rules are for their own betterment. Willingness to follow rules should be instilled in them.

7. Do you think it is necessary for children to wear school uniforms?

Yes, it is important for school children to wear uniforms. Uniform instills a sense of discipline in children. It provides an identity to the school. Uniform is also a social leveler. All rich and poor students came at the same level. Uniform also provides security. If any miscreants come in the school, they can be recognized from afar.

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