(2024) Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully

Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully image
Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully image

You should say:

– What the event was

– How you prepared for it

– Who helped you to organize it

– And explain why you think it was a successful event

I’d like to talk about a party that I organized successfully several years ago. At that time, I was the class president in high school. One day, my teacher asked me to organize a party for some kindergarten kids on Children’s Day.

After I took on the work, I was worried because I hadn’t had organized similar activities before. I talked with my best friend about how to organize this party. She suggested we give performances for the kids. Also, we could buy some ornaments to decorate the classroom. When I was preparing for this party,
my friend helped me a lot. She was responsible for the performances while I bought snacks and decorated and decorated the classroom.

When the day came, our teacher took a group of children to my class. We danced and sang songs for them. After the performances, we played games with them. All the children had a good time on that day. They not only attended the activities but also got snacks and gifts.

After the party was over, my teacher thanked me for my work. She said the party was successful and she was happy that I organized it very well. This is an unforgettable experience for me. I think if I work hard, I can organize an event successfully.

1. How can parents help children to be organized?

There are three main methods that parents can use. First of all, parents should let their children know the importance of being organized. They can tell some interesting stories and remind the kids to develop a good habit. Secondly, parents teach their children how to break tasks into chunks and create a schedule for their daily routines. In this way, children won’t feel overwhelmed by their work. Last but not least, parents must set up a good role model for the kids. When children find that their parents are organized, they will copy their behaviors unconsciously.

2. On what occasions do people need to be organized?

When people have to handle some urgent or important work, they need to be organized. By keeping organized, they will have more time to work on important tasks. As organization can improve the flow of communication between people and their team, they can also make their team more productive. What’s more, if people want to keep a balance between work and life, they need to be organized, too. In this way, they will never procrastinate so they can have extra time for themselves. Being organized reduces their stress and helps them keep a healthy life.

3. Does everything need to be well prepared?

I don’t think it is necessary to make everything well prepared. There are a lot of uncertainties in our daily life. When something unexpected happens, people have to change their plans. For some important things, people should get well prepared for them and make sure they won’t miss anything. However, some minor routine tasks don’t need to be well prepared as people are familiar with them.

4. Do people need others’ help when organizing things?

It seems to me that in most circumstances, people need others’ help when organizing things, especially some important events, like meetings, parties or weddings. As the saying goes, many hands make light work, people can complete their tasks successfully with others’ help. Of course, if people just organize their private things, such as a trip, or a family dinner, they may not need others’ help.

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