(Update 2024) IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Art

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Art


Questions and Answers

1. Do you like art?

Yeah, I’m really into art coz it helps to release my stress. It’s a good way to get it out of my system from singing or painting. And art makes me be able to perceive the world better, like to discover beauty in life, and to improve my aesthetic level.

2. Do you like visiting art galleries?

Sample 1: Yeah, love to go to art galleries on my days off coz it’s cool to take snapshots there and put them on my moments. More importantly, I have the chance to know different genres, and listen to the stories told by the guides.

Sample 2: Well, I would love to visit one, but there aren’t any in my city. Apart from that, I’m still a student with heavy workload and no money for traveling. I think I would visit one once I got a job after graduation.

3. Do you want to be an artist?

Well my answer is no because most of the artists are in limbo. I mean, it’s very hard for a person to make a name for him or herself in the industry. I know it sounds utilitarian, but that’s the truth. And if that’s the case, it’s impossible for an artist to support him or herself.

4. Do you like modern art or traditional art?

Honestly, I’m an outsider to art, but I should say, I just love both because each has its strong points. To my understanding, traditional art provides a basis for aesthetic level, showing people the details of the artwork. And modern art is sort of like, breaking the mould and reflecting the artists’ thoughts.

5. Do you like painting/ drawing? Why?

Yes, I do. I used to be fancy of drawing when I was in primary school. I just enjoyed copying the figure in my drawing book and making use of any colour as I like. I felt proud of being praised by my relatives when they saw my drawing posted on the wall of my house.

7. Do you want to learn more about art?

No. I simply take it as sone entertainment activities to kill time like sculpturing or paper cutting, not something that I would like to pay special attention or invest, or put alot of efforts. As I mentioned, handicrafts making is too time consuming and challenging to be adept. So, as opposed to making such stuff, I would rather spend some time listening to music and learn how to sing.

8. Did you learn drawing when you were a kid?

9. Do you think children should learn drawing?

It depends. If a child has an interest in drawing, it’s good for them to do. Parents should encourage their children to do what they like. However, it’s useless to push every child to learn drawing.

10. Why do primary schools have a painting class?

It’s said it’s a great time for children at primary schools to do the painting for plenty of advantages. Children can express what they think of the world through drawing, and many enjoy the various colours. Besides children will think for the figure they’d like to draw, the tool they need to complete their painting. Children will be more creative in the process of doing a painting.

11. Why do people display artwork (painting) at their homes?

Most people do that because of their love of artwork. For example, people in love photographing, though they are amateur, and they prefer to hang the pictures they took at home. Also, there are people enjoying artwork as a kind of decoration, and they like to appreciate the works of others. For instance, many wealthy people like to collect and display famous artwork.

12. Have you ever bought any painting?

Yes, I have. The only painting I bought was the one sold at the charity activity held in my secondary school. Each year, a fete will be organised when students donate something to sell to others, and the money will be collected to help students from poor families. The painting was a copy of the famous painting “Playing Shrimps” by a new student, whom I made friends with later.

13. Do you think painting (or drawing) is important for adults?

Yes, I do. Adults can draw or paint what they like in their spare time. It is a hobby that won’t disturb others, and you can enjoy it very much if you can explore it deeply.

14. Do you still draw those pictures that you did in your childhood?

Not really. I don’t draw the sun, flowers, and trees as I did in my childhood. Now I draw those elements in a different way, in a more abstract way.

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