(Update 2023) IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Social Media Free Lesson

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Social media

 IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Social media image
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Social media image

1. Do you or your friends like using social media?

Sample answer 1: Yeah, my friends and I are all active users of social media. It allows us to stay up to date with the latest news and current affairs, find entertaining content, stay in touch with what our friends and families are doing and share photos or videos with other people. It has become an indispensable part of our life.

Sample answer 2: Well, like it or not, we are drowning in all sorts of social media outlets. If you don t use them, you are likely to be isolated from the rest of the
world. Personally, I really love how convenient it is, like you can keep in touch with others anywhere and any time. What’s more, you are informed of what’s happening. But at the same time, I think because of the prevalence of social media, we are sort of overloaded, so I try to rely less on it.

active users (n) an active user is a person who accesses an app for a given period of time.
stay up to date with /ˌʌp.tə ˈdeɪt/having the most recent information, or using the newest methods or tools.The quarterly meeting keeps staff up to date with developments in the company.
latest news (n) the most recent news or information about something
current affairs (n) /ˌkʌr.ənt əˈfeəz/political news about events happening now
stay in touch with (idiom)seeing someone or communicating with someone regularly.We kept in touch for a while after college.
indispensable (adj) /ˌɪn·dɪˈspen·sə·bəl/Something or someone that is indispensable is so good or important that you could not manage without it, him, or herThis book is an indispensable resource for researchers.
drown in something (phrasal verb) /draʊn/to have more of something than you are able to deal with.I’m drowning in unpaid bills.
isolated (adj) /ˈaɪ.sə.leɪ.tɪd/feeling unhappy because of not seeing or talking to other people.Working at home was making her feel increasingly isolated.
prevalence (n) /ˈprev.əl.ənsthe fact that something is very common or happens often.the prevalence of smoking among teenagers.

2. Do you think you or your friends use too much social media?

Sample answer 1: There was a time when I got a little addicted to social media. I could clearly feel my attention span was narrowing and I even got restless if I didn’t check the social media for a while. Then I told a friend of mine about this problem and she suggested I should uninstall all of the social apps on my smartphone. It was really hard at the beginning. I tried to occupy myself with anything but fiddling with my phone. Now I can confidently say I’ve got rid of social media addiction.

Sample answer 2: Well, I have to say yes. For most of us, it is like an everyday occurrence. We use it a little bit more than we should do. Every morning, the first thing I do is to grab my phone to look at Facebook or Instagram to see what’s new. While commuting, I would immerse myself in all sorts of videos. So plenty of time has been spent on social media.

3. Do you want to work in social media industry? Why?

Sample answer 1: Well, probably. The industry is gaining momentum in recent years and is offering abundant career opportunities. I’ve been running my own social media accounts for a couple of years on a few popular platforms, like Facebook, and I’ve got some experience in this field. Among all types of jobs in social media, I’m particularly interested in content creation and community management, because I enjoy the creative process and interacting with users.

Sample answer 2: A very interesting question, I haven’t thought of that before. Maybe yes, guess it’s gonna be very exciting, because you are able to be exposed to new things every day, and I dont know, I reckon their working time is very flexible, and if so, that’s gonna be something that appeals to me. Most importantly, social media seems to be the future trend, so it means there are many opportunities. Maybe I will give it a try, who knows.

4. What’s the most popular social media in Vietnam? Why?

There are a large number of social media apps that have attracted users of different age groups. I guess Tiktok ranks the top in terms of popularity and the number of active users. It’s a short-form video app that allows creators to record, edit and post videos, and a lot of people have become successful video bloggers and influencers for their constant production of quality content.

5. What social media apps do you use very often?

I tend to use Facebook, as well as Youtube quite often. Facebook is a good app for catching up with friends, and see what’s happening about my friends. Youtube is very different. Personally, I use it as an informative sort of platform. I like to watch a lot of documentaries or English lessons. Generally speaking, it helps me gain knowledge about the things I’m interested in.

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