(2024) Describe an Exciting Adventure You Would Like To Take in The Future

Describe an Exciting Adventure You Would Like To Take in The Future

Describe an Exciting Adventure You Would Like To Take in The Future
Describe an Exciting Adventure You Would Like To Take in The Future
Describe an Exciting Adventure You Would Like To Take in The Future – Sample Audio

Cue Card

You should say:

  • What the adventure is
  • Where you would go
  • Who you would be with
  • And explain why you would like to take the adventure

Sample Answer 1

What the adventure is?

Well, one thrilling adventure I would love to embark on is the exploration of pyramids in Egypt. You know, the mere thought of standing in front of those ancient wonders would set my heart racing!

Who you would be with?

And of course, I wouldn’t dare venture alone! I would bring along my best friends, Lisa and George. We’ve always dreamed of exploring the world together. Their company would definitely make the experience more memorable.

Where you would go?

We would hire a knowledgeable guide who can communicate in English to ensure we don’t miss out on. any historical or cultural details. To make the trip more exciting, we would also try to use the old-fashioned maps to navigate through the complex of pyramids, step inside the burial chambers and closely observe the mummies.

And explain why you would like to take the adventure?

The reason I’m particularly drawn to this adventure is the historical significance of the pyramids. It’s a chance to witness one of the wonders of the ancient world and delve into the enchanting stories behind them.

Meanwhile, immersing in an unknown and exotic world is always more exciting than just sightseeing in local scenic spots.

Above all, it is the uncertainty along the way that ignites the fire in my soul for exploration!

Sample Answer 2

Describe an Exciting Adventure You Would Like To Take in The Future – Sample Video 2

I’ve never been super risk-seeking, but if there’s one adventure I have to take in my life, I’d say diving in underwater cave. It all starts with this beautiful shot I saw while I was scrolling through Instagram the other day. It’s of a diver who was swimming in one of those caves, and the sunlight was filtering through the dark blue water. Just looking at it brought me such peace and comfort, so I couldn’t help but wonder what it feels like to personally be there.

When it comes to the destination. If the caption is anything to go by, this particular kind of cave is mostly found in Mexico, so that’s where I’d be heading. But there’s no way I’m going on this dangerous expedition alone. Ann is the first travel buddy that comes to mind. She has an adventurous spirit and swims a thousand times better than I do. So I figure might as well make her my personal lifeguard, just in case. In return, I’ll probably treat her to the most authentic Mexican dishes, as we’re a pair of foodies.

As for the reasons why I’d like to take the adventure, well, like I said, I was utterly blown away by how stunning that picture was. I think there’s just something magical about nature that can make your troubles vanish in a split second. Like that day I was actually swamped with work, and was super stressed out, but one glimpse of the blue underwater world could just calm me down instantly. So I guess watching it happen before my very eyes could truly be something unforgettable.

Also, I find exploring hidden places like caves so fascinating, it’s like treasure hunting in a way. You never know what hidden gems, what rare species lie beneath the water. This element of mystery just makes everything infinitely more exciting. So yeah, it’s definitely something I’d like to tick off from my bucket list one day. 

Describe an Exciting Adventure You Would Like To Take in The Future – Sample Video

Part 3

1. Who likes to read adventure books?

People who like reading such books are avid readers who love action, as a non-reader would not do so unless forced. So these may be people who also love superheroes, mysteries, and action films.

I believe many young boys and girls today may be into such as they have active imaginations, but I also know some working adults who also read fantasy and sci-fi adventures.

I once assumed most athletes might like such books since they’re physically active, but some athletes I know don’t because they dislike reading.

2. Do people prefer adventure novels or adventure movies?

Nowadays, most people would rather watch an adventure movie than read an adventure novel.

Reading takes a lot of time and can be weary on the mind as it requires you to interpret the author’s meaning and visualize the story in your mind. Movies, on the other hand, already do the thinking for you.

The characters and action sequences, as interpreted by the director, can be seen on the screen. You just need to watch and listen.

3. What kind of personality should people have in order to experience a lot of adventure?

To truly embrace a life filled with adventure, you have to possess a certain zest for life and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

Individuals with an adventurous spirit tend to be curious, open-minded, and unafraid of taking risks.

They thrive on the unknown, seek out novel experiences, and have a hunger for exploration.

Flexibility and adaptability are key, as they have to navigate through diverse situations and embrace the unexpected twists and turns that come their way.

Embracing uncertainty, having a positive outlook, and being proactive in seeking out new opportunities are some traits that enable individuals to experience a multitude of adventures.

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Image : Photo by Osama Elsayed on Unsplash

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