(2024) Describe The Home of Someone You know Well And That You Often Visit IELTS Cue Card

Describe The Home of Someone You know Well And That You Often Visit

Describe The Home of Someone You know Well And That You Often Visit image
Describe The Home of Someone You know Well And That You Often Visit image

Cue card

You should say:
– Whose home it is
– How often you go there
– What it is like
– And explain how you feel about the home

Sample answer

Honestly, I don’t go to someone else’s home very often, but I used to be a regular visitor to my cousin’s home. Her name is Lisa. I went there almost every two weeks when I was in middle school. Lisa lives with her parents and brother in an apartment located downtown. It’s the kind of luxurious duplex apartment, with a spacious living room on the first floor and bedrooms on the second. There are bathrooms on both floors. Decorated in a European style, it looks fancy and fashionable. A chandelier hangs from the roof, just like the ones we see in those expensive hotels.

As for how I feel about it, it is like my second home to some extent. I say it is not just because I have spent so much time in the house, but more because of the close bond I have with the family who reside in it. During my childhood, whenever my parents were out on a business trip. I would sleep over in Lisa’s home. My aunt would cook delicious meals for me and tried her best to make me feel at home. I always feel so grateful for the selfless care she gave me.

Apart from that, Lisa is also like my sister. We are of similar age and interests and are thick like thieves. There is no secrete between us. When either of us experiences some ups and downs in life, We always share the news with each other in the first place. And her spiritual support helped me through a lot of tough times.

Describe The Home of Someone You know Well And That You Often Visit sample video

Part 3

1. What are the differences between buildings in the city and in the countryside?

Sample Answer 1: I guess the biggest difference lies in the height of buildings. There are more high-rise buildings in urban areas than in the countryside and in some prosperous international metropolises, like New York and Hong Kong, skyscrapers form a major part of their incredible skyline. Buildings in rural areas, by contrast, are generally much lower. Another difference worth noting is the spacing between buildings. In densely populated urban areas, buildings are much more tightly packed than those in the countryside.

Sample Answer 2: Well for one, I think there there are a lot of major differences. For example, if we’re talking about apartment buildings in the city, they tend to be more expensive and more pricey. I think not as cozy because people might feel a little bit cramped.
Because real estate in the city is is limited, some people might feel a little cramped and cluttered. Whereas if you’re in the countryside, you’ll have a lot of room, you’ve got lots of space. You might even have a yard, if you have a pet dog or something they can run around so it’s probably more comfortable living in a building

2. Do you prefer to live in the city or in the countryside?

Sample Answer 1: Well, I guess most people prefer to live in the city. Although it’s common to hear people say how much they wish to settle in the countryside, it’s unlikely they would really live there for good. After all, the city boasts what rural regions are typically short of, including convenience, vitality/liveliness/vigor, openness and inclusiveness. These advantages without question will keep alluring more people to the city.

Sample Answer 2: I’m still a young man. I’m 33. I still think I’m in the the prime of my life. So, I think uh the big city is more suitable for me. The big city I think has two things that really appeal to me. The first is job opportunities the big city offers you many many opportunities for your career, for the advancement of your career. The second thing is social opportunities. There’s there’s people everywhere, there’s a sea of people everywhere you go. So you can meet more people, you can
learn from them. In the countryside, you might just have your your close friends and your close family and you won’t really be able to go and meet so many new people. I think it’s really important for our social lives to meet people. So, I think for me the city is where it’s at that’s where I wanna stay.

3. What safety risks are there in residential buildings in cities?

Sample Answer 1: I think fire hazard is a common risk factor in residential buildings. Fire not only leads to the production and release of toxic gases, which poses a threat to human lives and environment, but also causes damage to properties and the structure of buildings. Apart from that, the objects accidentally or intentionally thrown out of the window from high-rise buildings can be life-threatening and thus people doing so will be faced with severe punishment.

Sample Answer 2: To be honest, I think generally speaking residential buildings and cities are pretty safe not super risky. For example, we have a security guard that will check very carefully and make sure that nobody sketchy comes into your apartment complex. So, you don’t really have to worry about things being stolen or
someone breaking into your apartment. However, there are still some risks. I can think of two.
The first thing is fire safety. If there’s a fire in your apartment and you’re on the 30th floor, the 40th floor, this could present a real challenge getting down. You might have to be saved by a firefighter.
The second one is pets. I have experience with this because I have pets and you need to make sure that you fortify your balcony – put up a fence, put up screens to make sure that your pets are safe because they’ll occasionally slip or fall or maybe even jump down

4. Is it expensive to decorate a house or an apartment in the place where you live?

Sample Answer 1: I think home decorating can cost a lot if you aim for dramatic makeover. Like if people want to give their home a completely different vibe, they may need to change a lot of furniture, the wall paper and even the whole interior design. Transformation like that can be quite expensive.
However, if people just want to bring some detailed changes to their home decor, like hanging some artworks on the wall or adding something that goes well with the overall ambience, they can do it well within their budget.

Sample Answer 2: This totally depends on an individual person’s preferences. I have some friends that will spend and a lot of money, will spend a fortune on decorations because some people want to have like original paintings; or some people want to have these like jade statues that are really expensive. However, a lot
of people find that decorating an apartment doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You can be very frugal and still find what you want. You can buy paintings online for like 50 RMB that look just as good as the really expensive ones. You can put up a couple plants or a couple flowers that’s not expensive. Everything that you use to decorate your apartment can be found in Marketplace or you can buy some little figurines from a local shop. They’re usually pretty cheap and you don’t really need to worry so much.

Describe The Home of Someone You know Well And That You Often Visit | IELTS Speaking Part 3

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