(Update 2024) IELTS Listening Part 3 Sample Test 9 Free


IELTS Listening Part 3 Sample Test 9

Questions 21—23

Which THREE factors does Marco’s tutor advise him to consider when selecting a course?

A. possibility of specialisation
B. relevance to future career
C. personal interest
D. organization of course
E. assessment methods
F. range of topics
G. reputation of lecturer

Questions 24—27

24. Why does Marco’ s tutor advise him to avoid the Team Management
A. It will repeat work that Marco has already done.
B. It is intended for students at a lower level than Marco.
C. It may take too much time to do well.

25. Why does Marco want to do a dissertation?
A. He thinks it will help his future career.
B. He would like to do a detailed study.
C. He has already done some work for it.

26. What does Marco’s tutor think about the dissertation outline?
A. The topic is too narrow to be useful.
B. The available data may be unsuitable.
C. The research plan is too complicated.

27. What does Marco decide to do about his dissertation?
A. Contact potential interviewees.
B. Change to another topic.
C. Discuss it with Professor Briggs.

Questions 28—30

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Practical details

28. A first draft of the dissertation should be completed by the end of________

29. The dissertation should be registered with the ________of the department.

30. Marco should get a copy of the statistic software from the ________.


IELTS Listening Part 3 Sample Test 9
IELTS Listening Part 3 Sample Test 9

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