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Pacific tapa cloth

Questions 21—24

Pacific tapa cloth

21. Pacific tapa cloth is different from other types of tapa cloth because it is
A the only tapa made today.
B better quality than others.
C put to a wider range of uses.

22. What does Helen say about the paper mulberry tree?
A It is also a source of food.
B It is not native to the Pacific.
C It can grow in any environment.

23. Why did Maori people of New Zealand stop making tapa?
A They could not find the right trees in New Zealand.
B They were introduced to other fabrics by the Europeans.
C They found a better material for making fabric.

24. Large pieces of tapa are made from smaller pieces which are
A stuck together.
B woven together.
C sewn together.

Questions 25—30

According to the speakers, what function has tapa cloth played in the following countries?


A. recreational

B. practical

C. spiritual

D. commercial


25. Samoa

26. Tonga

27. Cook Islands

28. Fiji

29. Tahiti

30. Tikopia


Pacific tapa cloth
Pacific tapa cloth

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