(Update 2024) IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Computers Free

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Computers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Computers

1. Questions and Answers

1. In what conditions would you use a computer?

Basically, I use it everyday, I use it for studying, because these days many things have to be done with computer. These is particular true during the lockdown, during which I use it to listen to a lecture, discuss with my classmates and submit my assignment.

2. When was the first time you used a computer?

Way back to my primary school. I remember we had a computer class once a week, and we were all excited about this class, because computer was exclusive, and very few family can afford it. But at that time, our teacher just thought us how to turn on the computer, how to type and how to carry out some basic operation such as copy and paste.

3. What would your life be like without computers?

It will be full of doom and gloom, like I said, most of my study are now being done with my computer, So without computer, I couldn’t finish anything. And besides, I tend to use computers to do other things, such as watching sitcoms, online shopping, or just scrolling social media websites. To be honest Just can’t image what my life will be like without my computer.

4. In what conditions would it be difficult for you to use a computer?

I would say, making notes, although I ve tried some software such as pdf expert or adobe acrobat to take notes on my computer, it just is not as smooth as I do it with my pen and paper. So when I am reading some papers, I would rather print it out and make notes on the hard copy.

2. Vocabulary

2Way back a long time ago in the pastway back when your grandmother was a child
2exclusive (adjective) /ɪkˈskluː.sɪv/A place that is exclusive provides goods and services for a limited number of people, esp. those who are wealthyan exclusive club
3doom and glooma feeling that a situation is very bad and without hopeDespite all the doom and gloom in the City, there are still some bright spots in the stock market.
3besides (adverb) /bɪˈsaɪdz/in addition to; alsoDo you play any other sports besides basketball?
3scroll (verb) /skrəʊl/to move text or other information on a computer screen in order to see a different part of itScroll to the end of the document.
4smooth (adjective) /smuːð/happening without any sudden changes, interruption, or difficultyAn efficient transport system is vital to the smooth running of a country’s economy.
4would ratherused to show that you prefer to have or do one thing more than anotherI’d rather have a beer.
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