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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Sports image
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Sports image

3. Did you do some sports when you were young?

Well, aside from swimming, not really. I was actually more of a bookworm, to be honest with you, and I probably still am. I do more now, I guess… If you consider going to the gym and playing video games as sports, which some people do.

4. Do you think students need more exercise?

5. Do you like to watching sport programs on TV?

Yes, but just sometimes, I am not a big fan of sports, but I do like ping-pong, it’s exciting to watch on TV, they move so quickly!

6. Do you like to watch live sports games?

No, I am not a sports lover at all, I’d rather spend time on watching documentary films instead of sports games.

7. Do you like sports?

Um, I suppose, not particularly when it comes to mainstream sports, I’ll watch the odd football match in the passing and I keep up with some news back home, but I wouldn’t say I was a huge sports fan or anything.

8. Do you like extreme sports?

Ok, well, that’s the one that tickles my fancy. I love extreme sports. I’ve been bungee jumping and the second the coronavirus restrictions go; I’ll be shooting and I want to go glider flying and skydiving and zorbing. I think they’re great ideas.

9. Do most people in your country like sport?

I think so. I mean, Britain is kind of renowned as a football and rugby obsessed nation. So, it certainly seems this way.

10. What sports do people in your country play?

Well, like I said, I think football and rugby are, sort of, the main stay sports just going by the TV coverage. But a lot of people also play golf, including my aunt and uncle. And in fact, I think golf was invented in Scotland. And of course, I think… Well, diving gets a lot of attention because there’s like famous divers like Tom Daley, they’re… Well, uite well known, I guess.

11. What was your favorite sport when you were a child?

Oh, I loved swimming. That was the one I liked the most. I used to go every week before breaking for the weekend. That was great fun. I’m not so sure it was great fun for my parents used to transport me there, but I enjoyed it.

12. What kinds of sports would you like to try in the future?

Well, like I said, all of the extreme sports! I’m particularly looking forward to going skydiving and flying a glider, I think that will be really good fun. But there’s not really anything normal. I think the closest thing is probably taking up jujitsu again, I think I’d really like to start that over.

13. Who’s your favorite sports star?

I don’t actually have one, to be honest, I can think of some famous ones, but outside of their contributions to sport, I don’t think they’re particularly any more or less interesting than the people I know. So the short answer is – “I can’t say.”. And the long answer is – “I can’t say because I find people closer to me to be more interesting and famous people.”

14. Who do you like to watch sports games with?

I don’t know, I’m not sure. There’s no specific person that comes into my mind. But if I have to, I think I will invite my parents, they love sports.

15. What kinds of games do you expect to watch in the future?

Maybe Latin dance? I guess, It’s not quite easy to see Latin games on TV sometimes I can just search the videos on cellphones. But with a bigger screen on TV, I bet it will be much better.

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