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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Cars

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Cars image
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Cars image

1. Did you enjoy travelling by car when you were a kid?

Yeah, I was into travelling by car when I was little. My mum says I’d shout and jump for joy if we had a car trip on the weekends. I guess that’s because I could enjoy the changing scenery out of the window and stop for a while to have a picnic with parents. Honestly, I had many model cars at that time and I just loved everything that can move.

2. What types of cars do you like?

I really fancy sport utility vehicles because the people who drive this car
look so dashing and smart. I’m just thinking if I plan to buy a car in the future, I’d
choose this type, specifically black and pink. And MINI also deeply wins my heart I just love its adorable appearance and the delicate interior design.

3. Do you prefer to be a driver or a passenger?

Well I think I have no preference because each has its attractive point. A car driver can have a better field of vision, but he or she must be responsible for the safety of everyone in the car. A passenger, especially the one takes the front passenger seat is more likely to get injured in the accident, but this person can be carefree and even take a nap during the whole car trip.

4. What do you usually do when there is a traffic jam?

At first, I just zone out for a moment. Then I become a little anxious and impatient
probably because the traffic is crawling along. And I can do nothing but wait. For the most part, I listen to some soothing music to calm down.

5. Do you like to travel by car?

Definitely! It’s way more convenient than public transport. I’m more than grateful to have owned a car, especially these days that it’s not completely safe to go to crowded places like stations since the threat of contracting the coronavirus is serious.

6. When do you travel by car?

Well, every day, when I go to work and when I need to go to the supermarket. As I said, I don’t use any modes of public transport, especially these days. Although traveling by car is very convenient, I must say it’s incredibly costly to own a car.

When my friends invite me to travel somewhere – that’s the only time that I can travel by car. However, these days I don’t have any opportunity because my friends and I temporarily delay our travel plans due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic.

7. Where is the farthest place you have traveled to by car?

Let me think…I guess when my family went to the neighboring island of our city. If my memory serves me right, that was four years ago. So we had to take our car on the ferry in order to get to the island and I enjoyed driving around that island because its beauty is just mesmerizing.

I suppose when my friends and I traveled to the western part of our state. I don’t know how many miles we had traveled then but we came from the northeast part of our city and it took us almost six hours to reach our destination. That was a great trip but I felt sorry for our driver.

8. Do you like to sit in the front or back when traveling by car?

Well, if I’m not the driver, I prefer the back seat because I can rest or sleep. It’s impossible for me to sleep when I sit in the front because I feel like it’s my obligation to have a chat with the driver so he won’t feel drowsy, especially if it’s a long hour drive.
It depends, if I’m asked to sit in the front, then I won’t say no. It’s nice to sit in the front, especially if I’m traveling in scenic spots, I’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular view completely since there’s no obstruction of my eyes.

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