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IELTS Speaking Part 1 TV program

IELTS Speaking Part 1 TV program image
IELTS Speaking Part 1 TV program image

1. What kinds of TV programs do you often watch?

Documentary films are my favorite. I have watched many documentary films made by BBC, National Geography and other stations. Programs about the mother nature, wild animals, or the environment are the best ones, from my point of view.

2. Do you think kids are watching to much television?

It’s hard to say, because more and more schools are using technology as new approaches for teaching, and it’s obviously hard to be classified simply as “watching TV”. But except for teaching reason, I do think children need to be restricted the time of watching television, both for their physical and mental health.

3. What are the impacts of watching TV programs on children?

There are both positive and negative impacts on children. The positive part would be to give children knowledge and transfer latest information that happened in the world. And the negative part would be some violent, brutal, bloody scenes on TV, all of them would do harm to children when kids don’t have the ability to distinguish good and bad things.

4. What kinds of TV programs do you think should be broadcast more?

Actually, I really have thought about this question before. I think educational programs like documentary films or some quiz shows that are full with useful information should be broadcast more.

5. Do you often watch programs on TV or on your smartphone?

Of course, on TV, my smartphone is for surfing the net and for taking photographs, besides, my phone doesn’t have a widescreen so it’s not very satisfying to watch TV shows or movies on it. I just love watching TV shows on a wide-screen TV as it’s more appealing and entertaining.

Well, if I’m at home, without a doubt, I watch my favorite programs on TV, however, if I’m commuting or traveling, I watch TV shows or movies on my smartphone. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we all can use our phones to kill time in so many ways. My smartphone is like my best companion that never misses to entertain me.

6. Do you like watching the same kind of TV program all the time?

Yes, I do. Like I said earlier, comedy makes me relieve my stress, so I never miss any of my favorite comedy programs. As for drama, I’ve been religiously following one type of detective TV drama every weekend. So, yes, I watch the same type of TV shows most of the time.

Well, no, my interest varies every now and then depending on my mood. Although, I watch news programs on sports and business, still, I can’t say that I do it all the time. As I just mentioned a while ago, I only watch those programs if I have the opportunity and if I feel like watching them.

7. Do you talk with your friends about the TV program that you watch?

Not at all, my friends are not interested in drama, besides, watching TV programs is the last thing they want to do. They are all addicted to computer games or mobile games, so if they are free from work, most of their time is spent on gaming.

Yes, most especially on business news. I have two close friends who are working in a financial institution who never get tired of educating me about managing my money. If I watch some news about the economy that I can’t comprehend well or that’s intriguing to me, I enjoy sharing that with them because they are more than willing to help me understand.

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