(2024) IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Teachers

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Teachers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Teachers
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Teachers
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Teachers – Sample Audio

1. Do you want to be a teacher in the future?

Answer 1:
Honestly speaking, I don’t wanna be a teacher in the future. I have a secure job and it is fun. But teaching English outside of work is an interesting job for a side hustle.

Answer 2:
I would not want to be an elementary school teacher because I’m not very good with young children.

However, I would love to be a high school teacher or a professor at universities because I can focus on guiding them towards a profession or career. I think that suits my personality better.

In my opinion, the role of a teacher who can offer sound guidance and support to young people is priceless and if I have a chance to be one, I will.

Answer 3:
Yes, definitely. Truth to be told, it’s always on my to-do list to
become an English teacher. For starters, I have a great sense of responsibility and I am quite passionate/enthusiastic about teaching.

Also, helping others make great progress in learning can give me a great sense of achievement.

In my mind, being a teacher is a fulfilling and rewarding career choice.

Answer 4:
Not really. I don’t think being a good teacher is an easy job.

For one thing, teaching can be a challenging profession that requires a lot of patience and hard work.

For another, you have to be patient, you have to be responsible enough, sometimes, you have to control your temper even you are quite angry with naughty students.

I would rather choose other interesting professions/ occupations, like being a doctor or a lawyer.

2. Do you remember one of your teachers?

Answer 1:
I’ve met plenty of good teachers growing up. One of them that grabs in my mind is my high school math teacher.

I was once doing poorly in math because I was anxious about it. But my teacher was really patient and she gave catch-up classes for me and students who had fallen behind after school.

I really appreciate her helping with my math.

Answer 2:
Yes, my all-time favorite teacher is Miss Lee, who taught me maths in primary school, unlike other teachers just spoon-fed students, she used to inspire us and encourage us to think out of the box.

Well, I did learn a lot in her vivid and useful lessons. Until now, we still keep in touch with each other.

3. What were your primary school teachers like?

Answer 1:
I’ve forgotten their name or what they looked like. It gets so confusing. But I’m quite sure that they are really good teachers, professional and nice to all kids.

Answer 2:
I cannot remember much about them because it has been so long.

However, I have a good impression of all of them. They were very responsible and worked hard to guide us in the right direction and keep us out of trouble.

Overall, they were respectful individuals.

4. Do you have a favourite teacher?

Answer 1:
My favorite teacher is my Master’s degree supervisor when I was in graduate school.

She is a middle-aged lady in her 40s. She worked as an interpreter after she graduated from BFSU, and has been to many countries.

She is nice to her students and we enjoy hearing her share her wide experience and knowledge with us.

Answer 2:
Yes, I have a favorite teacher. My favorite teacher currently teaches me Chemistry, and I think that he is very skilled and experienced in what he does.

He is able to explain complex concepts in an engaging and understandable manner, which has helped me improve my learning and knowledge by leaps and bounds.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Teachers – Sample Video

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