(Update 2022) IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Technology 

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Technology 

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Technology image
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Technology image

1. What technology do you often use, computers or cellphones?

Sample answer 1: Actually I use both quite often. I use my laptop for many purposes, like taking online courses, working on my assignments and essays, watching movies, and so on. I use my smartphone mostly for social purposes, like chatting with family and friends on wechat, posting photos and short videos on social media, things like that.

Sample answer 2: Well, my answer is both because I use them every day. Cellphone is obviously like the daily necessity for me, and I use it to send voice messages, binge watch video clips and there are so many apps helping me to solve different problems in life. But it’s not so convenient when it comes to word processing, so when I’m at work making an excel spreadsheet, computer is really helpful.

necessity (n) /nəˈses.ə.ti/something that you need, especially in order to live.
binge watch (v) /ˈbɪndʒ ˌwɒtʃ/to watch several episodes (= separate parts) of a television series or programme, one after another.We binge-watched an entire season of “Breaking Bad” on Sunday.
word processing (n) /ˈwɜːd ˌprəʊ.ses.ɪŋ/the organization of text in electronic form such as on a computer.a word processing program
spreadsheet (n) /ˈspred.ʃiːt/an electronic document in which information is arranged in rows and columns, and can be used to do financial calculations and plans.

2. What electronic devices have you bought lately?

Sample answer 1: I bought an ipad last month. I used to take my laptop to class for note taking, but it was too bulky. Sometimes I feel like doing some sports after class and it’s really inconvenient to carry something so heavy. Ipad is a perfect alternative, because it’s much lighter and more portable.

Sample answer 2: Well, I’ve bought a video gaming console. I’m actually quite new to gaming and one of my students recommended it to me. And you know what? One of the games called Super Mario has won my heart. I believe it’s gonna be my good company after work in the future.

3. Is there any technology you want to buy?

Sample answer 1: I’ve long set my eyes on a Leica digital camera. I’m really into photography and it’s so fun to capture all these wonderful moments and small details that make up my life. The camera I’m currently using has got a few problems, like the photos can get pretty blurry sometimes, so I’m thinking about getting a new one.

Sample answer 2: Yeah, there’s one I wanna buy. It’s a transparent stereo box, using some kind of technology to allow the lyrics to float on the screen. What’s really amazing is, it can recognize the emotion the music trying to convey, and choose the suitable ways to match the lyrics presenting.

4. Is technology important in your life?

Sample answer 1: Yeah, technology means a lot because it brings much convenience to my life. And the robot vacuum cleaner is one of the domestic appliances that saves me the trouble of doing the cleaning after work. Plus, wearing three dimensional glasses when watching the film make me feel like, I’m completely in the environment and forget the worries in life.

5. Is there any technology you don’t like?

6. What do you think are the trends in technology today compared to when you were young?

7. What are the benefits of technology? / Do you think technology is important in your life?

Technology has brought tremendous changes to our lives and we also benefit a great deal from its development. For one thing, we are able to contact our family and friends anytime and anywhere on social apps or through phone calls, unlike previous generations who contact others mostly through letters or fax. On top of that, the convenience of life has greatly improved thanks to the proliferation of various apps.

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Image : Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Vocabulary: Cambridge Dictionary

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