(Update 2024) IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Housework and cooking Free Lesson

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Housework and cooking 

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Questions and Answers

1. Do you do some cooking/help your family cook at home now?

Sample answer 1: Yeah, I cook pretty much every day. I’ve always been fascinated with food and the wonderful chemistry of different ingredients. I often invite my friends over for dinner and make new dishes for them. I guess I just enjoy the creative process of cooking.

Sample answer 2: Well, I’m not very experienced in cooking actually, but I do help my mom with some cooking sometimes, you know, just acting as assistant. All I need to do is some prep work, like, rinsing the veggies, peeling the potatoes and slicing the carrots etc. I just love it because mom knows the kitchen things inside out and I can learn a lot from her.

2. Do you think your home is clean and tidy?

3. Did you do some house cleaning when you were young?

Sample answer 1: Yeah, of course, my dad was always on business trips when I was little, so my mom was in charge of the household. She would cook meals and do all the chores besides working for 8 hours every day, so I started to help her from an early age. My mom would try to make house cleaning as fun as possible,
like we’d count down from ten and see who could fold more clothes.

Sample answer 2: Yeah, I remember I did some when I was a primary school student. I helped my parents to do some general cleaning in the house on New Year’s Eve. It’s a kind of tradition in Vietnam, including cleaning the windows, removing the dust on the walls, and washing the articles of daily use etc.

Sample answer 3: Yes, but not frequently. I only did it when my mother asked me to do some simple chores, like washing dishes, taking out the rubbish or changing the bed linen or cooking some simple meals. Thanks to her, now when I move away to attend college, it is really easy to prepare healthy meals for myself. As a result, I have always been in great shape both physically and mentally.

4. Do you have breakfast at home every day?

Sample answer 1: Well, not every day. I usually buy some bread beforehand and put them in the fridge. If I’m not in a hurry the next morning, I’d eat breakfast at home with my parents. But sometimes I get up late and there’s no food in the
fridge, I’d grab a coffee and a bag of toast on my way to school.

Sample answer 2: Yeah, in most cases, I finish my breakfast at home coz I have my own eating habits. Honestly, the food served in the restaurants is more less the same and most of it is stodgy, so I just prefer to cook some breakfast at home, which is much healthier. And porridge and chicken breasts are my favorite.

5. Do you want to learn how to cook well?

Sample answer 1: Oh definitely, I really enjoy cooking for my loved ones and I’m always watching short videos on Tiktok that feature cooking to get some new inspirations. I would also ask my uncle for advice. He’s a chef in a five-star hotel and has given me lots of useful tips on seasoning food, making sauce, creating new dishes, things like that.

Sample answer 2: Yeah, I’m quite interested in cooking, but my skill is sort of mediocre. I know nothing about the duration and degree of heating, so if there are some kind of classes for me, that would be great. Then, I can cook some tasty dishes for myself on weekends, and exhibit this new skill to my friends.

6. What housework do you like or dislike doing?

7. Do you like cooking?

Sample answer 1: Yes, I absolutely love trying my hand at different dishes, such as Chinese, Spanish, even Italian. You can sometimes find me knocking something in the kitchen. But I’m too busy to cook every day, Most of the time I eat in the canteen or get a takeaway.

Sample answer 2: I’ m afraid I don’t. Cooking is not my thing. It is hard for me to
distinguish different spices, and I usually end up cooking something others would
not bother to taste. So l am a lousy cook.

8. Who usually cook in your family?

Well, both of my parents cook at home, and it depends on who has the time.There is a stereotype that women should be responsible for the housework like cooking, but actually men also have the obligation to do that. And sharing housework can help avoid conflicts.


be fascinated with(adj) /ˈfæs.ən.eɪ.tɪd/extremely interestedI was fascinated to hear about his travels in Japan.
rinsing the veggiesRinse produce BEFORE you peel it
chores /tʃɔːr/ a job or piece of work that is often boring or unpleasant but needs to be done regularlyBy the time he’d finished all the household chores it was mid-afternoon.
be in charge ofresponsible for something or someone The teacher put me in charge of organizing the project.
New Year’s Eve /ˌnjuːˌjɪəz ˈiːv/the last day of the yearAre you having a New Year’s Eve party?
beforehand (adv) /bɪˈfɔː.hænd/earlier (than a particular time)She had phoned beforehand to let me know she was coming.
a bag of toast /təʊst/sliced bread made warm, crisp (= hard enough to break), and brown by being put near a high heata slice of toast
stodgy (adj) /ˈstɒdʒ.i/Stodgy food is heavy and unhealthy, sometimes in an unpleasant way.
porridge (n) /ˈpɒr.ɪdʒ/a thick, soft food made from oats boiled in milk or water, eaten hot for breakfast.
chicken breasts (n) /brest/the meat from the front part of the body of a bird or other animal.
mediocre (n)  /ˌmiː.diˈəʊ.kər/not very good Parents don’t want their children going to mediocre schools.
stereotype (n) /ˈster.i.ə.taɪp/a stereotype is a generalized belief about a particular category of people.
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Vocabulary: Cambridge Dictionary

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