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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Emails

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Emails sample
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Emails sample

1. Do you often send emails?

Yes, very often. I am working in an international company, and sending emails is part of my work. I send emails every single day, to my clients, my boss, and my group members. The majority of my emails are about working contents, meetings, or tasks, and the rest of them are holiday celebrations and blessings.

2. When would you send emails to others?

Mostly when I’m at work. I need to send emails about task arrangements and meeting summary to my group members, and I need to send reports to my department supervisor. When I’m off work, I sometimes send emails to my dentist to make an appointment, or to keep connection with my college teachers.

3. Is sending emails popular in China?

It now becomes a very popular way of communication in China. Students, officer workers, they all send emails very often. I know in many school in my country, students will be taught how to write an email to teachers, to admission officers in their future college, which means we take this very seriously.

4. Do you think sending emails will be more or less popular in the future?

Frankly speaking, I think sending emails will be less popular in the future. Because we rely more on APPs of communication in smartphones, they are more instant, more convenient, and they will be more popular.

5. Do you send and receive email regularly?

I have signed up for many newsletters, google news and other websites, so I do receive emails on daily basis, but they are usually mails from the company. Apart from these, I do get mails regarding work, so our team is mostly in touch using mails. With friends, I am mostly in touch using social media, so there is no point of any other interaction online. I do reply to mails that are regarding work or sometimes chat with people on google hangouts.

Yes! As I am working for an IT company, so it’s an integral part of my job to send and receive email regularly. The entire process of communication between me and my colleagues takes place via email.

6. Who do you usually communicate with?

Well, I always use email as an official way of sending and receiving information. I usually communicate with my colleagues and seniors regarding official work.

7. How often do you check your email?

As I am a customer service executive, so I have to check my emails very frequently. In fact, I have to keep my email ID logged in to give quick response to the customers. It also helps in improving the service quality of my firm.

8. How often do you check your mail?

Well, regularly. May be on a daily basis, I would say. Mails are important for me, because my work does not allow me to meet as many people for networking, so we mostly connect using mails, delaying the work does not makes sense.

9. Do you think writing emails has strengthened or weakened people’s writing skills?

Definitely strengthened. We are not talking about the informal mails to friends and family where one just sends in message in whatever language they want. But, if talking about the formal mails or the semi-formal mails, people have surely improved. Because earlier it was one to one talk, but now along with talk there are messages being send. And I think writing mails gives an idea of the language as well.

10. What are some of the disadvantages of mails?

I think the major issue with mails is that they carry viruses. So, someone might just drop in a mail having a virus and it can harm the entire computer. In worst cases, it can read out your email address book and send themselves to a number of people around the world. The second issue is that one often gets spam messages, a lot. So, if a person does not know the difference, it surely creates a havoc.

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