(2024) Describe a Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others

Describe a Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others

Describe a Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others
Describe a Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others

Cue Card

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • What he/she likes to cook
  • Who he/she cooks for
  • And explain why he/she enjoys cooking

Sample Answer 1

The first person that pops up in my mind is my mother, who has been responsible for our family’s diet since I was a child.

She didn’ start off being a good cook, I have to admit. But she really puts heart into cooking meals, digging into various ways of preparing ingredients and trying out different tastes.

It seems that cooking is a part of her life, and of course, ours as well.

My mom prefers Hangzhou cuisines to such a large extent that every week, there must be an authentic local dish on the dining table, speaking of which, the stinky tofu is one of her favorites.

This is a very special dish as the name suggests. She would put peppers on top of the tofu so that the smell goes a little off, and at the same time, the food tastes spicy and scrumptious.

Sometimes when she gets bored with the usual food plans, she may refer to the recommended cooking methods online and attempt new styles.

Recently, she learned how to cook the salted goose meat, and also, the fried shrimps with curries.

She enjoys cooking and loves to see us eat delightedly around the table. Even making food is a pretty time-consuming thing, she just loves that.

My mom thinks cooking can make people happy. There is nothing better than us having a meal together, particularly during traditional Chinese festivals.

Part 3

1. What do we need to prepare when we need to cook?

When cooking, it’s important to have several essential items and ingredients prepared beforehand.

First, we need to plan our cooking time to allow for preparation, cooking, and any required resting or cooling periods and consider sequencing tasks to optimize efficiency.

Second, we need to gather all the ingredients required, ensuring they’ re fresh and in good condition. It’s helpful to organize and measure out ingredients in advance. Then, we should have tools necessary for cooking, such as a stove, oven, blender, food proçessor.

2. Do you agree that food is an important part of Chinese festivals and ceremonies?

Yes, food plays a significant role in Chinese festivals and is often considered an important part of the celebrations.

Food is viewed as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and cultural heritage during these festive occasions.

It brings families and communities together, honoring traditions, fostering a sense of unity and joyous celebration.

From dumplings during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) to mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, each festival has its own special food traditions that hold cultural and symbolic significance.

4. Should students learn to cook at school?

Yes, teaching children cooking skills in school can be beneficial.

Cooking is an essential life skill that everyone should possess. By learning to cook at a young age, children become more self-reliant and capable of preparing their own meals, making them less dependent on processed or unhealthy foods.

Second, cooking is often a shared experience that brings families and communities together. By learning to cook, children can actively participate in meal preparation at home and develop stronger bonds with family members.

However, it’s important to note that cooking education should be age-appropriate, safe, and inclusive. Schools should provide proper supervision.

5. Do you think cooking should be a compulsory or an elective course? Why?

I believe that cooking should be an elective course.

Making cooking compulsory may require significant resources, including dedicated facilities, equipment, and trained instructors.

Offering it as an elective course provides flexibility in resource allocation based on student demand and available resources.

Students have diverse interests and career aspirations.

Offering cooking as an elective ensures that they have a range of options to choose from, catering to their individual talents and ambitions.

Describe a Person Who Enjoys Cooking For Others – Sample Video

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