(2024) Describe An Invention That Is Useful In Your Daily Life

Describe An Invention That Is Useful In Your Daily Life

Describe An Invention That Is Useful In Your Daily Life
Describe An Invention That Is Useful In Your Daily Life

Cue Card

You should say:

  • What the invention is
  • What it can do
  • How popular it is
  • Whether it is difficult or easy to use
  • And explain why it is useful

Sample Answer 1

1. What the invention is?

I want to talk about the sweeping robot which I think is one of the greatest inventions of this century.

2. When you got it & Why?

About six or seven years ago, the product called sweeping robot went viral and according to the relevant advertisements, the machine looked very smart with a compact body, beautiful color and stylish design. Wow, really high-tech.

3. How you use this invention?

It totally drew my attention and then I placed an order and bought it for myself, because I had been suffering from the long-term back pain and waist pain due to repeatedly bending over every time when I swept the floor.

It turned out to be a real blessing to me, because all I need is just click the button and then it can get the work done efficiently and effectively.

4. Whether it is difficult to use?

It’s really user-friendly.

For starters, the robot can plan out an effective cleaning route, which means, it can sweep every corner of my floor.

What’s more, it never runs out of juice before it finishes cleaning and the noise made by it is negligent, when it is working.

5. And explain how do you feel about this invention?

Thanks to this cutting-edge technology. I no longer have to sweep the floor myself.

This has freed up my time and energy, allowing me to engage in other activities that I enjoy.

Personally, the sweeping robot is really a remarkable invention. If I were to lose it, I couldn’t live for a day!

Sample Answer 2

There are lots of inventions that are useful in my daily life, but the one I’d like to talk about today is my mesh Wi-Fi router. It’s basically an additional router you use at home that makes modern life more convenient.

Like me, many people today have internet access at home delivered by a modem supplied by their internet provider. Unfortunately, the range of most companies’ modems is not that good, especially if there are multiple barriers within the location; hence, the development of mesh Wi-Fi. This system allows you to place another router in areas where your internet signal is weak, giving you better connectivity throughout your home or office.

In my city, I don’t think these routers are that popular yet. Most apartments here are quite small, so people can easily get by with just a regular modem. But I’m staying at my grandmother’s place right now for university, and it’s a big house. So the mesh Wi-Fi ensures I’m connected wherever I am at home.

Most of these mesh Wi-Fi routers are generally plug-and-play, making them easy to use. There’s just a quick sign-in so you can set your password for protection, but other than that, there’s no need to configure anything. So it’s a great device to have at home.

Describe An Invention That Is Useful In Your Daily Life – Sample Video

Part 3

1. What qualities do inventors have?

Inventors are clearly smart since it takes ingenuity to conceptualize and build something new. Such people are also hardworking and patient.

I’ve read that many of the life-changing inventions took months or years to create and perfect.

The inventors had to repeatedly test their ideas in different conditions before their innovation was ready to be announced to the world, which is a clear description of requiring much patience and hard work to me.

2. Do you think only scientists can invent new things?

No. Although most people think of scientists when new technologies are developed, the reality is that people from all walks of life can create something new when there’s a need.

I’ve heard that engineers, doctors, cooks, and sales people have once upon a time made something that was of help to society.

Inventors just need to be imaginative and have a real problem to solve in society before they come up with something new.

3. What inventions do you think should be improved?

Clearly, the automobile needs further improvements because of all the pollution we’re experiencing today.

We need a more efficient machine that doesn’t run on fossil fuels and is not costly to manufacture.

Another invention that needs improvement is plastic, particularly plastic bags and sachets.

It’s sad that these plastic products are not recyclable since they contribute to the trash in the environment.

I hope researchers will find a way to make durable yet recyclable plastics for us to have a cleaner planet.

4. Are there any other inventions that make the world better?

There are a lot. The medicines we use nowadays definitely improve the lives of people around the world.

I think household appliances like microwaves, electric fans, air-conditioners, and refrigerators make life better for families everywhere.

Without them, people would have to work doubly hard to ensure their family is safe and comfortable at home.

And I’d say that electric and hybrid vehicles are helping make the world less polluted while still bringing people to their destinations.

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