(2024) Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member

Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member Sample image
Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member Sample image

You should say:
– When it happened;
– Who the person is;
– What the person did;
– And explain why you felt proud of him/her

I’d like to talk about the time my sister passed the National Judicial examination. I’m so proud of her because I know it’s one of the most difficult qualification exams in China as the pass rate is only about 10% every year. Plus, since the exam covers many different laws in China, the candidates need to read and study tons of law books and memorize countless legal clauses.

But my sister didn’t fear the difficulty and was really committed to preparing for exam. She spent about half a year preparing for it. During those six months, she studied law day in and day out. She told me that she even dreamed about legal cases several times. To be honest, I would not have that kind of grit if I were her.

Anyway, after she finished the exam, she waited about two months to get the result. That was the most anxious and stressful period of her life I’ve ever seen. Fortunately, it turned out that she passed the exam and by a lot! I was by her side when she checked the result, and I was over the moon and burst into tears seeing her pass the exam. You know, my sister is finally qualified to be a lawyer!

Actually our whole family is very proud of her. We prepared a great gift for her to celebrate the big occasion. We were glad that all her efforts paid off. And I believe she will become an amazing lawyer in the near future.

Some IELTS Speaking part 2 cue-cards you may like :

1. When would parents feel proud of their children?

Parents would feel proud of their children after any kind of accomplishment, big or small. If a child learns a new word, takes their first steps, learns to ride a bike, or learns to drive a car, parents would be proud. Major life events such as weddings and graduations also make parents very proud. Overall, parents are proud when their children are living a life that makes them happy and fulfilled.

2.Should parents reward children? Why and how?

Yes, I think parents should reward children when they accomplish something. Parents can reward children for academic accomplishments like receiving a good grade on a report card, or for personal accomplishments like doing something nice for someone else, or donating to a charity. If parents want to install good values in their children, offering rewards can be a good way to reinforce good behaviour That being said, parents should be wary of giving too many rewards; it is better if children do good things because they want to, not because they expect a reward.

3. Do Chinese parents reward their children?

Actually, most Chinese parents don’t reward their children that often. They don’t want them to depend on rewards to learn or do their work. Instead, they want their kids to be more competitive. If you reward a kid every time they do something right, they might just do things to get a reward and not because they see the value of their work. So for the most part, Chinese parents don’t tend to praise or reward their kids very often.

4. Is it good to reward children too often? Why?

No, I think rewarding children too often would be a major problem. Children need to develop intrinsic motivation, but frequent rewards encourage extrinsic motivation. Children should want to be successful in their life because it brings them a sense of pride and purpose. These feelings should be reward enough on their own. However, sometimes children deserve a reward if they have accomplished something major. Parents just need to be careful about how often they give rewards.

5. On what occasions would adults be proud of themselves?

Adults might be proud of themselves for a number of different reasons. They may take pride in a new accomplishment or promotion at work that they have been working hard towards. They also tend to be proud of themselves for personal milestones, like getting married or getting a new apartment. Finally, many adults take pride in their children, and consider their children’s successes as their own.


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