(Update 2022) Describe a time you were very busy Free lesson

Describe a time you were very busy

Describe a time you were very busy
Describe a time you were very busy

Cue card

You should say:
– When it happened
– Where you were
– What you did
– And explain why you were busy

Sample answer

We all happen to be industrious about certain tasks and errands from time to time. During such situations, we tend to overlook every other aspect of our lives and focus all of our attention on the task at hand. The reason behind such concentrated efforts can vary from person to person. A similar time when I was quite busy myself was when I was volunteering for my annual college fest.

It was at the end of 2018, and our first year of college was coming to an end. Most of our batchmates were either hosting an event or volunteering and supervising various activities. I was appointed as the volunteer for all the academic events on an entire floor of my college campus. Thus, I had quite a lot on my plate and was caught up with various supervision activities.

A major part of my role as a volunteer was to resolve any issues that occurred on the floor that I was supervising. If a particular host or participant faced any problems, they could come to me to have their questions answered and issues resolved. Needless to say, I was approached by a number of participants who asked me questions about the events, registration procedures and other incidental details about the fest.

There were times when the hosts of a few events asked me for advice on how to tackle certain problems during their events. Despite having a bustling schedule, I managed to handle my responsibilities well by properly allocating time to each issue that arose. The college fest was a huge success, and I had a wonderful experience volunteering for the event.

Part 3

1. Are you often busy?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages when people keep busy?
3. Do you think children should learn through playing games or under pressure?

4. What kind of pressure people may experience at work?

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