(2024) Describe a Successful Business Person You Know (e.g. Running a Family Business)

Describe a Successful Business Person You Know
Describe a Successful Business Person You Know

Table of Contents

Cue Card

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How you knew him/her
  • What business he/she does
  • And explain why he/she is successful

Sample Answer

Well, my uncle is a businessman who could be the perfect person to talk about today.

He has been a hero in my entire life since i could remember stuff. He has not been a swot. Instead, he has this business instinct.

So after college graduation, all his peers became salaried in a company, but he was mulling over how to build his own business.

He opened up a hot pot restaurant. You know, the seed money was his own savings in college. His motto is always take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.”

But the money was only enough to cover the rental and renovation fee of this run-down restaurant.

It was a semi-profitable business at the beginning. But after three years, his business took off.

You could argue it is due to the location of the place or the flavor of the dishes.

But i reckon the key to his success is his devotion. He works 10 hours a day, training the waiters, supervising the food quality, working on the secret ingredients, so on and so forth.

You know, nowaday’s a business always scaled up by branding, marketing, convincing the customers to buy something they don’t need.

Namely, ripping them off. But my uncle generated handsome profit only by word of mouth advertising.

And now he has several chain restaurants and has a more hands-off approach to his business.

So I admire him since he built it from scratch. He is really a self-made man.

Part 3

1. What factors lead to success?

There are many factors that lead to success, but I believe that the most important one is the willingness to work hard without the fear of failure or making mistakes.

People who are not afraid of failing are the most eager to step outside their comfort zones and take reasonable risks to achieve their goals.

Apart from that, a person’s ability to effectively communicate, manage their time, and prioritize their tasks will also affect their chances of attaining success.

2. What do people need to sacrifice for success?

People usually need to sacrifice their free time for success.

Just as how Rome wasn’t built in a day, long-lasting success requires years of hard work and determination.

Many successful people I know had to give up some of the time they spent hanging out with their friends, going on vacation, or pursuing an unrelated hobby.

They used this extra time to read, learn, and upskill in order to achieve their goals.

4. Is it easy for a business to be successful without affecting the environment?

It should depend on what kind of business people are working on.

If they are focusing on some industries that do not need too many natural resources, it should be fairly easy.

For example, businessmen or entrepreneurs in the Internet areas can succeed without affecting the environment too much.

At the very beginning stage, they may just need a few computers and several employees to complete work.

However, for some other industries, it would be the opposite case – some fields like construction or furniture, for instance, need countless natural resources, and it’s hard for them to keep protecting the environment in mind.

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