(2024) Describe a Park Or a Garden In Your City

Describe a Park Or a Garden In Your City

Describe a Park Or a Garden In Your City
Describe a Park Or a Garden In Your City – Sample image

Cue Card

You should say:

  • How often you go there
  • Where it is
  • Who you often go there with
  • What it is like
  • And explain why you like to visit it

Sample Answer 1

Well, the must-see park in my city is the Taizi Wan Park, which occupies a vast area of space and a nice spot for people to wander around.

The park is located quite near the West Lake, where the transportation is convenient. I visited it often in my childhood because schools usually organized the spring or autumn outings in that place.

Now I go there less frequently, sometimes with my friends.

The park has different views all year round. We can appreciate the maple leaves in autumn and the tulips in spring.

Strolling along the flower bands is such a wonderful thing to do, personally.

Many tourists have posted the pictures during the blossom season onto the internet, bringing more fame to this park and making it a fairly famous travel destination nowadays.

There are other gorgeous scenes like the streams which quietly flow surrounding the meadows and the wooden footpaths on top of crystal-clear water. Every corner of the park is picturesque, honestly.

I am not truly a nature lover but Taizi Wan Park is the one that I would love to recommend to others. Its widely varied landscapes are so appealing to the eyes.

Anyone who finds stressed out can find some inner peace inside this park. It works just by looking around this spot.

Sample Answer 2

In my city, there’s a park called Green Haven that I often visit. It’s like my little escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Green Haven is situated not too far from my home, so I go there almost every weekend. It’s nestled in a quiet neighborhood, away from the noisy traffic, which makes it a peaceful spot to relax.

I usually go there with my friends. We have a little routine of playing badminton and having a small picnic. It’s a simple joy, but it’s the laughter and camaraderie that make it special.

Green Haven itself is not very big, but it’s beautifully landscaped. There’s a pond with ducks, a small playground, and plenty of benches to sit and enjoy the scenery. The trees provide ample shade, making it a great place to read a book or simply laze around.

What I love most about Green Haven is that it allows me to connect with nature without having to leave the city. It’s a tranquil haven where I can unwind, breathe fresh air, and simply appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

Sample Answer 3

The garden I want to share with you is the one in my community, which is only a five-minutes walk from where I live.

In the garden, during spring and summer, you can see a lot of beautiful flowers, such as lilies, cherry blossoms, jasmins and so on.

Besides, It has several lush gardens rich in trees and flowers. When it comes to a sunny day, there are loads of sunshine and fresh air. Yet in autumn and winter, it has nothing but bare-branched trees.

The garden is really essential for local residents’ activities. People do lots of activities here, such as playing Tai Chi, walking their dogs, playing games and reading a book.

I like this garden for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the garden is very peaceful and refreshing. Every morning, when I am walking through it, it puts me into a good mood for a brand new day.

Besides, I also feel I can relax in such a place. This place is like an oasis in the middle of the city. You know, we get used to living a sedentary lifestyle, and we need to get some fresh air by doing some outdoor activities.

Whenever I have a bottleneck in my studies or life, I like to get around and be inspired by nature, which is also a good way of relaxing.

More importantly, the public needs such a place for leisure activities, local residents, especially kids and senior citizens, need a place and room for sharing and interacting, and this garden is the perfect place.

Generally, that’s why I find this garden very impressive.

Part 3

1. Do young people like to go to parks?

I believe they do if the parks are located nearby. In the parks I know and see, many young people can be found hanging out on the weekends.

Parks are places where people gather to socialize, so young people who live in the vicinity go there to chat or even exercise together.

But I also know that if a park is too far, they’d rather meet somewhere else where they can do the same, such as a nearby fitness facility to exercise or a coffee shop to converse with friends.

2. What do old people like to do in parks?

Many seemingly enjoy just sitting and looking at the birds and trees.

When you live in the city, it can be mentally draining to only see concrete, so parks are places for people to commune again with nature.

I think they also enjoy conversing with others their age.

Older people don’t have many places to safely and inexpensively hang out.

But at the park, older people regularly gather for morning exercise or casual conversations over tea, making it a favorite place of the elderly.

3. What benefits can parks bring to a city?

Parks are awesome for a city, no doubt.

First off, they’re like these green spots that help clean the air and give folks a break from the city hustle and bustle.

Plus, they’re all about having fun and staying active – you can run, play sports, or just hang out for a picnic. But what’s really neat is how they bring people together.

You’ve got cultural events going on, and it’s a great spot to make new friends. And don’t forget, they make the city look good, attracting both locals and tourists.

So yeah, parks are a big boost for both physical and mental health, and they’re all about building a sense of community.

4. What are the benefits of going to the park for young people and old people?

Heading to the park is a great idea for everyone, no matter how old you are. For young folks, it’s a chance to stay active, unwind, and soak up some nature, which is great for your body and mind.

And for older folks, it’s a way to de-stress, lift your spirits, and a place to chill with friends, all of which make life better.

5. Why do some people like planting flowers?

Some people are really into planting flowers. It’s a creative and soothing way to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. Looking after flowers can be incredibly relaxing and a fantastic way to de-stress.

Plus, seeing them bloom and flourish gives you a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Describe a Park Or a Garden In Your City – Sample Video

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