(2024) Describe a Drawing/Painting That You Like

Describe a Drawing/Painting That You Like

Describe a Drawing/Painting That You Like
Describe a Drawing/Painting That You Like

Cue Card

You should say:

  • When you first saw this painting
  • What the painting is about
  • Who drew/painted it
  • And explain why you like this drawing/painting

Sample Answer

This topic reminds me of a great oil painting created by Vincent van Gogh, the best-known impressionist around the world.

It is one of his masterpieces called Starry Night, which I first saw in a very chic and classy cafe.

Of course, it is not the authentic painting, but the replica is mind-blown enough.

Later I searched online for a closer look of the work and got to understand why van Gogh was so highly regarded in the art world.

As the name suggests, this painting is about the view under the starry night.

The moon and all the stars are surrounded by golden and yellowish colors, making the sky look bright but not strange at all.

The big contrast between the colors and the night them is what fascinates me most.

Only great artists have the abilities to balance the contradictory elements.

On the bottom of the painting are some small villages with one big church standing in the middle.

The far-away mountains serve as a good connection between the sky and the villages, presenting everything in a calm and peaceful way.

I am not an art person and don’t know much about painting techniques or how special the brushstrokes the painters use.

But from a layman’s perspective, this drawing is marvelous as it just uses very simple and limited patterns to shorten the distance between the painting itself and people who appreciate the work, allowing us to feel the power behind the work.

Part 3

1. What are the differences between painting and drawing?

Painting involves using colors like oil, watercolor, or acrylic on a surface, often a canvas. This allows for a wide range of colors and textures.

Drawing, on the other hand, uses lines and shading techniques with materials like pencils or charcoal, typically resulting in black and white or limited color works.

The techniques used are quite different too.

Painters use brushes and tools to create intricate details and depth, while drawers focus on lines, shading, and hatching techniques.

Paintings can be large or small, while drawings often tend to be smaller in scale.

Emotionally, paintings with their vibrant colors can evoke strong feelings, whereas drawings with their simplicity may convey a different, more intimate tone.

2. Why do some people keep a painting for a long time?

Many people hold onto paintings for extended periods for various reasons.

Firstly, sentimental value plays a significant role. A painting may hold precious memories, reminding them of a special place, person, or moment in their life. It becomes a cherished keepsake that carries emotional significance.

Secondly, aesthetic appreciation is another reason. People may genuinely love the artwork, finding it visually pleasing or thought-provoking. This admiration for the painting’s beauty or message motivates them to keep it around and enjoy it for years.

3. How does building style affect people’s lives?

Building style can have a significant impact on people’s lives in various ways.

Firstly, it can influence our sense of identity and culture. Traditional or modern architectural styles can reflect the history and values of a community, creating a connection to our roots.

Secondly, building style affects functionality and comfort. For example, a well-designed building with good insulation can provide energy efficiency and a comfortable living environment, positively impacting our daily lives.

Describe a Drawing/Painting That You Like – Sample Video

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Image : Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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