(Update 2024) Describe an interesting neighbor Free lesson

Describe an interesting neighbor

Describe an interesting neighbor
Describe an interesting neighbor

Cue Card

You should say:
– Who he/she is
– How you knew him/her
– What you do together
– And explain why he/she is interesting

Sample answers

Mr.X is one of the neighbours whom I like very much. Since I live in an urban area, people are close to each other and maintain a strong neighbourhood relationship, unlike the metropolitan areas.

In our neighborhood, we know almost each and every person living there, what they do, what are their updates, what are their profession and their overall personality and characteristics as well. Mr John’s house is adjacent to ours and I meet him almost every day. Mr John is a retired army person who is now around 50 years old.

He lives in his house alone and I have never found his relatives visiting him except some old colleagues. He stays inside his house most of the time and in the evening he sits on the veranda. He is a quiet man and likes to read a lot. I have seen him coming to live in his house almost 5-6 years ago. He bought the house from our previous neighbour.

I have had several conversations with him and I often play chess with him. I like to read as well and our reading habit was the primary reason we started liking to accompany each other. I like and admire this man very much. Though at first impression he seems to be an arrogant person, in reality, he is an intelligent, calm, good-hearted and charming man.

I have heard lots of stories from him. He has travelled to many different places and has lots of experience. Since I have become close to him, he recommends books to me which I mostly enjoy reading. He advises me whenever I seek his guidance. He is sometimes a close friend, sometimes a mentor and sometimes a guardian. I like him because of our unclaimed friendship, his personality, honesty, morality and his great mind.

Part 3

1. Do you think (good) neighbours are important?

Good neighbors are important because they are our family apart from our real family. When we are alone, and we need somebody then neighbors are the first people who can give us company. When we are sick and need to go to the hospital, the neighbors are the first people who can help. When we have guests and need a helping hand, then neighbors are the first people who come to our rescue

2. What are the qualities of a good neighbour?

Good neighbors should have many qualities. They should be cooperative. They should be helpful. Good neighbors should respect boundaries, which means that they should know when they are being helpful, and when they are interfering.

3. Do most Vietnamese people know their neighbours?

In smaller towns and cities, and in villages most people know their neighbors, but in big cities and in metropolis, people are leading self-centered lives and do not know their neighbors. In small towns and cities life is slower, and so people have time for their neighbors, whereas in big cities, life is fast and so people do not have time for their neighbors.

4. What are some of the qualities of a good community?

A good community should care for each other. All people in the community should cooperate with each other. This should help each other in times of emergency. They should all keep the environment clean. They should have frequent get-togethers, and celebrate festivals together. If all people of the community know each other, then miscreants could be spotted easily and everybody would feel safe and secure.

5. How do children build relationships with others in a community?

– I think parents play a critical/crucial/vital/very important role in helping their kids learn to form/build/establish relationships with people in their community, as they are generally regarded as the best teachers of their children.
– They could take their kids out on a regular basis when they are still babies or toddlers and get them acquainted with people living in the same apartment building or the same residential compound.
– When children get a little bit older, they should be encouraged to initiate/start conversations and build friendships with other children in the community. This would be the first time that they venture to sort of socialize with others.
– On top of that, children can build relationships with people by participating in community service, like helping to deliver food for the old and the disabled, handing out brochures and leaflets to residents, etc.

6. Do you think people are more/less familiar with their neighbors compared with the past?/in what ways have the relationships with neighbors changed?

– Generally speaking, our relationships with neighbors are not as close as in the old days.
– The main reason I guess is in the past, most people lived in relatively small towns where every one knew one another and when something happened, the news got circulated among a very fixed number of people.
– But the growth of cities and especially the emergence of metropolitans in the 20th century have led to a influx of population in urban areas and the disintegration of traditional extended families. As more single-person households and the idea of individualism come into existence, less attention is paid to building relationships with those living next door.

7. Is it beneficial to get along well with neighbors?

– Although people, younger generations in particular, nowadays are less devoted to forming close relationships with neighbors, they can certainly gain some benefits from maintaining a good relationship with them.
For one thing, they could be informed by their neighbors about something that deserves attention, like important notifications posted by the community about power cut or a particular event, and make arrangements accordingly.
In some extreme cases, like the tight lock-downs during the pandemic, the bond between neighbors can be life-saving when logistics is paralyzed. Neighbors are the only people you can count on when logistics is paralyzed.

8. How can people improve the relationship with neighbors in a community?

– Well, they can start from the basics, like always keep in mind the wall and ceiling may not be as soundproof as they seem and therefore try not to make any loud or clearly audible noise when they are at home. Even if some people never consider getting close to their neighbors, they can still leave a good impression on them by being civilized.
– If people want to bring the relationships with neighbors one step further, they can offer help to them whenever necessary. For instance, when they see a neighbor carrying something bulky and heavy, they could give him/her a hand. Or when they receive any help or favor from a neighbor, they shouldn’t forget to reciprocate/give back.

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