(2024) Describe a Talk You Gave To a Group of People

Describe a Talk You Gave To a Group of People

Describe a Talk You Gave To a Group of People
Describe a Talk You Gave To a Group of People

Cue Card

  • Who you gave the talk to
  • What the talk was about
  • Why you gave the talk
  • And explain how you felt about the talk

Sample Answer

Describe a Talk You Gave To a Group of People – Sample Audio

One very embarrassing speech experience came to mind. Basically, I gave that speech in an English speaking contest that took place back when I was in secondary school.

Before that, I had no prior experience in speech whatever. But I managed to excel in English exams which included reading and writing, So I just naturally assumed I would do well in speaking. In a moment of bravado, I signed up two hours before the actual contest. So without any preparation, let alone rehearsal, I stepped into the auditorium where the event was being held.

I was greeted by a panel of four judges, as well as about 20 schoolmates. It was only the first round, so the audience was relatively small, thankfully. But that didn’t stop me from freaking out internally. I remember my heart was racing and I broke into a sweat. During the contest, we were asked to give an impromptu speech based on ten key words. And we were given 2 minutes to prepare.

After I saw how fluently other candidates delivered their speech, I panicked even more. When it’s finally my turn, I went on stage with my heart in my throat. My mind went completely blank. And I found myself stumbling over my words. My speech was a mix of incoherent words and long pauses. The blank stares from the audience definitely didn’t help with the situation. So it turned out to be a complete mess, and traumatized me for quite some time.

However, through this experience, I also came to the realization that just because you can earn high grades doesn’t mean you’re gonna speak fluent English. So from that point onwards, I began putting more effort into practicing English speaking. I felt that it’s a very humbling experience, and a rewarding one as well.

Describe a Talk You Gave To a Group of People – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Part 3

1. What benefits does the internet bring to communication?

The internet has made communication more accessible and convenient.

Before, it cost much to call someone long distance within the country and overseas, unlike today when online video calls to loved ones around the world are free.

Online messaging is also more dynamic because you can send documents and audio-video files, something that cannot be done via letters or telephones.

So the internet has been a real boon to society.

2. Which one is better, being a communicator or a listener?

Between these two choices, being a communicator is better because the role includes both listening and speaking.

Though listeners are helpful, since we sometimes need to rant about our issues or express our concerns, a good communicator can listen and then share his or her ideas.

Communicators are also good at relaying information as they can receive content and express it in ways other people can understand, which can be challenging when communicating with people of different ages, genders, and backgrounds.

3. What qualities does a person need to have to be a good communicator?

A good communicator is attentive when listening to ensure the other party’s story is well understood.

Good communicators are also patient yet firm.

Patience is needed since not everyone can express themselves clearly, meaning you might have to wait until the person has found the right words.

Firmness is required to ensure the person you are talking with does not dominate the conversation, preventing you from communicating your message in mind.

4. How important is it to be a good listener when communicating?

Oh well, being a good listener is like a superpower in the realm of communication! It’s not just about waiting for your turn to speak, but really taking the time to understand and absorb what the other person is saying.

When you’re a good listener, you show respect and make the other person feel valued. It helps you to understand different perspectives, gain insights, and avoid misunderstandings.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to build trust and strengthen your relationships. So, yeah, being a good listener is absolutely crucial in effective communication.

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