(2024) Describe Something That You Can’t Live Without

You should say:
– What it is
– What you do with it
– How it helps you in your life
– And explain why you can’t live without it

I would have to go with the beverage that so many people enjoy and I especially love coffee. I’m a coffee lover i’m a coffee person and I need my cup of coffee especially in the morning.

What do I do with it: I drink two cups of coffee in the morning sometimes I go to a cafe and I’ll just hang out and look at my phone check out with the news, and really enjoy my coffee. I just like black Americano. I don’t like anything sweet and uh how it helps in my life.

I think getting a boost of energy from drinking a cup of coffee can really help when it comes to studying or learning or even having to work. I know in the afternoon sometimes I’ll have a cup of coffee too because I start to feel a little bit drowsy and then it really picks me up and gets me ready to go.

Why can I not live without it: well, I’m probably slightly addicted to it now because I drink it every day and without it. I think I would just feel a little bit sluggish. It just gives me that extra boost of stamina and energy that I need to get through the day so I think I would choose coffee. I’m a coffee person and I can’t go without my my precious cup of joe.

Describe something that you can’t live without Sample video

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