(2024) Describe An Interesting Old Person You Met – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe An Interesting Old Person You Met

Describe an interesting old person you met
Describe an interesting old person you met

Cue Card

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • When/where you met this person
  • What you did
  • And explain why you think this person is interesting

Sample Answers 1

I am going to talk about one of my teachers back in college whose name is Wayne. He is over 60 years old and has been working there for almost 10 years. As he is a native English speaker from Australia, he mainly taught us spoken English. Sometimes, he also taught us some writing skills. Well, he is a very nice guy and always friendly and popular among students.

Where I met this person? Well, as I said I was one of his students, but we came to know each other at the end of the 1st semester. Yeah, I remember it was on Friday when he was trying to make a phone call, but he seemed a little bit angry and helpless. Then I came to him and found his phone was actually out of service. But he could not find the place to recharge his cell phone. Then I helped him to get it done. Maybe from then on, we’ve built some kind of friendship.

And explain why I think he is interesting. Well, I think he is pretty smart. Like I told you, he is over 60 years old, which I think is the time for him to retire and enjoy the rest of his life, but he chose a different path. That’s to start a cultural exchange company, arranging cultural trips for students both in China and Australia . Besides that, he’s been living in China for 10 years without speaking a word of Chinese. He knows how everything works here. For instance, when he goes out for shopping, he could probably figure out what people are saying by seeing their gestures. Hah, it sounds pretty unbelievable, but it is true. It’s really lucky being friends with him.

Sample Answers 2

I had the privilege of encountering an intriguing senior citizen several years ago at a local community center. This person was none other than Mrs. Edna, an elderly woman with a sparkle in her eye and a zest for life that was truly infectious.

It was a beautiful summer day when I first laid eyes on Mrs. Edna, who was participating in a game of bingo with a group of her peers. I was immediately drawn to her cheerful disposition and her unwavering spirit. I struck up a conversation with her and found out that she was a retired schoolteacher who had dedicated her life to educating young minds.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I had the opportunity to spend more time with Mrs. Andrews, learning about her life and all of the incredible experiences she had had. She regaled me with tales of her travels to exotic locales, her adventures as a young woman, and her experiences as an educator.

One of the things that I found most fascinating about Mrs. Andrews was her wealth of knowledge. Despite her advanced age, her mind was razor-sharp, and she had a wealth of information on a wide range of topics. Whether we were discussing world events, literature, or science, she was always eager to engage in conversation and share her insights.

I was also struck by Mrs. Andrews’unwavering optimism and her positive outlook on life. Despite the numerous challenges she had faced throughout her life, she never lost her faith in the goodness of people or the world around her. She inspired me to be more grateful for what I have and to embrace life with a more positive attitude.

In conclusion, Mrs. Andrews is a remarkable individual who left a lasting impression on me. She is a testament to the idea that age is just a number, and that life is full of endless possibilities and adventures. Her indomitable spirit and her wealth of knowledge continue to inspire me to this day.

Part 3

1. Do you think old people and young people can share interests?

Yeah, sure. Sharing similar interests is a way for people to bond together. Elderly people and younger ones are no exception.

I mean, it is very common in China that grandsons and their grandpas enjoy fishing, building houses and doing other activities together.

It is not only a quality time being with your family members, but also a kind of useful skills passed down to the next generation.

So, I think it is necessary that old people and young people share same hobbies and interests.

2. What can old people teach young people?

Like I mentioned, there are a bunch of things that old people can teach young people, like advice on work and life and other skills like craftsmanship.

For example, elderly people have experienced a lot in their lives, they’ve seen and done much more than we younger ones have. So their advice, whether on work or life, would pretty valuable.

Another thing they often like to pass on is some sort of skills they have, like making handiworks.

Most elderly people in China acquired several skills in their lifetime to make a living and they love to see their kids or grandchildren learn them

3. Is it easy for young people and old people to make friends with each other?

Well, it really depends on We talked about the old and young should share some interests, but that doesn’t mean they could be friends that easy.

I mean, young and old people have some fundamental views that are quite different.

For example, the old are more conservative about things, while the young are bold to try many new things, which means there may be some conflicts when it comes to deciding on something.

But nothing is absolute, there are still examples of the young and old being friends with each other even if their have a huge age gap.

4. Are there benefits when one person is interested in another person? Why?

Well, I guess yes. When you are interested in another person, you are more likely to talk to this person and want to know more about this person.

In this way, you may be motivated to do something unexpected and step out of your comfort zone in order to approach this person.

I think you will notice this kind of change especially when you have a crush on someone, you just think about doing something to attract others’ attention and if you get a reply, you may be encouraged to do more.

Yeah, that’s what I think about this question.

5. Do you think people are more selfish or self-centered now than in the past?

Well, that’s a really hard question… Are people now more selfish or self centered now?

I guess my answer is no, because actually we are now already living a very modern and shared world. We have been educated to be sharing and open-hearted to others. And more and more people start to be involved in volunteering activities.

I think all these are giving a sign that people nowadays care about others more than what they used to do.

6. What benefits can people get if they are self-centered?

What benefits can people get when they get self-centered?
Um-, it doesn’t reasonable to me that people get benefits by getting self-centered?

Maybe the best thing they can get from this behavior is that they get quite satisfied with what they have.

Other than that, they are lonely, because no one wants to be friends with someone who is self-centered and only thinks that the world should be spinning around him.

Describe An Interesting Old Person You Met – Sample Video

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