(Update 2024) Describe a contest or competition you would like to participate in Free lesson

Describe a contest or competition you would like to participate in

Describe a contest or competition you would like to participate in
Describe a contest or competition you would like to participate in

Cue card

You should say:
– What the contest/ competition is about
– where the contest/ competition will take place

– When it will be held.
– And explain why you would like to participate.

Sample answer

I have attended many competitions in different phases of my life and have won some prizes from those competitions as well. One such contest that I would like to talk about was the Cycling competition that I participated in my college.

I was then a student at the college and around 15 years old. One day I noticed an advertisement in our local newspaper that an inter-college cycling competition would be held next week. The entry fee would be $20 and the prizes would be given to the first three cyclists. I had a passion for cycling and that’s why I thought about participating in it.

On the day of the contest, I went to the starting point and registered my name in the competition. I took my bicycle and wore my cycling dresses. I noticed there were around 30 competitors and I was asked to stand at my start point. With the sound of the whistle, I start cycling. I had almost no intention of winning the prize but I simply concentrated on cycling.

The total distance was around 5 miles and that required some energy and time. After I finished racing, I was really surprised to hear that I won the third prize. I found that some of my classmates were shouting because I was one of the three prize winners.

I felt really happy and proud that I did well in this competition. Actually, I never took my cycling habit seriously and after I did well in that competition, I started participating in other cycling competitions as well.

Part 3

1. What kinds of people are competitive?

I think in their hearts, all people like to compete and see where they stand among others. But, some people are confident and want to compete more often. Some people are not so sure, but are pushed into competitions by their parents or teachers. The fear of losing takes away the competition spirit from many. Many people realise their potential only after competing.

2. What kind of activities/competitions people like to take part in?

People like to compete in singing, dancing, painting, sports, quizzes and many more types of competitions. It really depends upon people’s interest. For example, people who are into physical fitness like to try for marathons, weight lifting or other sports competitions.

3. What kinds of competitions are popular in your hometown?

Many competitions are popular in my hometown. There is an annual environmental festival and during these two days there are competitions on various activities like weight lifting, dance, painting, drawing, science presentation, essay writing competition, debates and so on. Dog shows and competitions are also very common in my hometown.

4. Why do you think there are many competition programs on TV today?

Firstly, people like to watch competition programs and most of these shows have very high TRP ratings. Secondly, these shows are cheaper to produce and more profitable as producers make money from text messaging and calling besides advertisements. They don’t need much planning or scripts like other shows and they have greater chances of success as well.

Describe a contest or competition you would like to participate in Sample video

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