(2024) Describe An Advertisement You Have Seen But You Didn’t Like

Describe An Advertisement You Have Seen But You Didn’t Like

Describe an advertisement you have seen but you didn't like
Describe an advertisement you have seen but you didn’t like

Cue Card

You should say:

  • Where and when you saw it
  • What type of advertisement was for
  • What you could see in the advertisement
  • And explain why you didn’t like the advertisement

Sample Answer

Describe An Advertisement You Have Seen But You Didn’t Like – Sample Audio

Well, I have to say that our life today is swamped by adverts. Wherever we go, they are never out of sight. But I guess, people find most of them annoying because they can be insincere or inauthentic, and always have misleading effects on our buying behaviors.

Where and when you saw it?

One example is the ad I am going to talk about. About weeks ago, when streaming videos on Youtube, a video- sharing website, I came across a short video entitled: Three ways to lose 10 kilos in a short time. I guess it is eye- catching to everyone who wants to lose weight, and I was no exception.


When I clicked on it, a slim and attractive young lady, probably an online influencer, showed up and started to talk about how she had lost 10 kilograms in three months without doing any exercise. In the beginning, she introduced her diet, which is low- carbon and high in protein This part took only less than a minute. But when coming to the last tip, it became a promotion of a supplement that can block carbohydrate absorption. She boasted about how effective it was for almost 5 minutes. Then came the part about how viewers can get a discount from her link. Not until then did I realize that this video was not an experience – sharing video but an advertisement for a new product.

Reason for dislike:

At that moment, my excitement immediately turned into disappointment. Thinking back, I also found that the information conveyed in the video was unreliable. Because it gave the audience, especially young people a false hope that we could get a good shape only by taking those “magical pills”. Nowadays, more and more companies try to sell their products through those short-videos or live selling. And sometimes we can’t tell if what the anchors say is true. Instead of spreading helpful information for the sake of the general public, they only care about making a profit. This is why I have a deep- seated aversion to most of them.

Part 3

1. What are the most advertised products in your country?

Actually, there are a considerable number of them, especially when it comes to real estate. Every time I open a platform, l usually catch a sight of the advertisement, and not only on the internet. However, the large tarpaulin of the high-rise building was also present on the site. As you know, China is the largest country in Asia, so there’s a little bit of pressure to get a space for each family. In particular, upcoming couples have to purchase one before they get married.

Then, when it comes to food and beverage, one of the most well-known is the Qingdao beer, which can be paired with distinctive foods such as a sought-after hotpot or barbecue. If I’m not mistaken, perhaps they spend a lot of money on the advertisement because I can see it on any type of platform, such as television, the internet, the street, and so on.

Finally, there is cutting-edge technology, which is none other than 3D Dayin, which has recently been intriguing because it allows you to experience some out-of-this-world visual designs. For instance, if you want to build something in the yard, 3D printing can help you fix and organize some of that structure.

Besides, it can also give you an outcome that is extremely creative, which fascinates you the most.

2. Which one is more effective, newspaper, advertising or online advertising?

Without a doubt, online advertising is more effective because it has the ability to reach people all across the world.

In addition, it has strong credibility and a large audience to captivate since we are now in a contemporary world.

Besides, we cannot deny the fact that everyone nowadays has mobile phones as well as distinct devices such as gadgets, laptops, computers, and so on. So it’s a piece of cake for online advertising products and companies to reach the highest number of customers. For instance, every time I scroll through the pages on my mobile phone, there will be some advertisements that will pop up before I can play, read, or even watch some fascinating entertainment.

By contrast, advertising, or “word of mouth,” is also quite effective, as are newspapers, but they can only influence a small number of individuals.

Therefore, my preference allows anyone to find, search for, and reach people who are likely to stay up-to-date in the news and sales industries.

3. What are the benefits of advertising?

In my opinion, there are a plethora, of course.

To begin with, advocating their merchant products and services can increase customer reach.

Furthermore, they can promote the services or benefits of the items, which can raise awareness of their reputation as well as their name in society. For example, if the company can publicize some of their users’ testimonials, such as a medicine product that significantly alters or improves their health. Without a doubt, a large number of individuals will surely try their commodity.

Finally, they can generate more revenues as they accumulate and gain an advantage over their competitors. I reckon that too much exposure of the brand in the society can captivate their attention to be engaged in.

4. What do you think of celebrity endorsements in advertising?

Off the top of my head, it will surely alter the brand’s reputation.

Without a doubt, promoting their products through their celebrities can have a positive impact on sales. For sure, the vast majority of their avid fans will purchase what they endorse because they want to imitate their idols. As a result, it will help the company make fast bucks.

Besides, it will also increase the brand’s value. People will not think it’s a low-quality and efficient product because it is produced and endorsed by a well-known influencer that they can trust.

Otherwise, celebrities will experience worse encounters with their fans if it’s not effective. And of course, it helps people recall and remember the brands from the ads. For instance, they can just go to the supermarket and tell the cashier the artist’s name, and it’s a piece of cake for them to acquire the product even though they forgot the name of it.

5. Does advertising encourage us to buy things we don’t need?

It depends on the diverse characteristics of individuals.

On the one hand, some individuals are addicted to shopping or purchasing products. In my opinion, the majority of people believe that advertising motivates and encourages them to try on those items. For them, after they catch a glimpse of the products, whether online or in a television advertisement, They find it fascinating and captivating even though they know that those are not useful in their day-to-day lives.
Perhaps this could fulfill their desire and interest. By contrast, there are some people who possess practical characteristics. For them, they always make sure to purchase something that they can utilize and that is not only useful but also meaningful. There are some kinds of people who will not throw their money away for something that they don’t need. For instance, before they go to a shopping mall, they will write down some of the items and note their quality as well as the quantity that they need to get.

In a nutshell , different people have different perspectives when it comes to purchasing and advertising.

Describe An Advertisement You Have Seen But You Didn’t Like – Sample Video

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