(Update 2024) IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Taking photos Free

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Taking photos

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Taking photos image
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Taking photos image

1. Do you like taking photos?

Yes, I often take pictures of my cats and dogs, also of the new decorations on holidays or celebrations. Taking photos is a very good way to keep good memories.

2. Do you like taking selfies?

Well, sometimes yes. Especially when I am hanging out with my friends, everyone of us will take selfies with some fashionable background.

3. What is your favourite family photo?

Definitely the one on my wedding day. That was a family photo of me and my husband, my parents and in-law parents, my little dog was also in the center of the picture. It was so sweet and lovely.

4. Do you want to improve your photography skills?

Not really, to be honest. I’m not a professional photographer, I don’t make money through that, so it’s not necessary to improve such skills for me.

5. Do Chinese people like to take photographs?

Yes, we do, We take pictures on holidays and festivals. Some young people even carry their cameras everywhere they go, to note down every bit of their lives.

6. Which kind of photos you like to take?

I enjoy taking photos for beautiful sceneries. They look magnificent and can serve as pictures or mini calendars on my desk.

7. How do you arrange your photos?

I usually put them into my photo albums and categorise them in an alphabetic order.

8. What type of photos do you like taking?

I often experiment with my camera and mobile phone camera and that’s why I like to take a wide range of photos that include nature, people, gift items, sky, river, flower and so on.
However, I am inclined to take photos of people. Some of the best photos that I took were taken in unknown places where people posed for my camera. Their genuine smile, sad expression and sometimes bewilderment make the photograph worth cherishing.

9. What do you do with the photos you take?

After I take around 20-30 photographs in my camera or my mobile phone, I connect it to my laptop and sort out the best clicks. Then I name those phones according to the theme and prepare those to upload to my Flickr account. Flickr is a great photo storing and sharing website owned by Yahoo! and it offers enormous storage space. Sometimes, I share a few pictures with my friends on Facebook and Instagram. I usually print a photo if I want to gift it to someone or frame it.

10. When you visit other places, do you take photos or buy postcards? [Why/Why not?]

I used to buy postcards whenever I visited a new place with my parents in my childhood. Perhaps I did so to bring souvenirs of the places I had been to. But with the increasing use of the smartphone and cameras, we can now take our own picture and video and frame it to our digital storage. In this age of technological advancement, we are more inclined to take picture and video and then share those with friends and family rather than purchasing souvenirs, especially postcards.

11. Do you like people taking photos of you? [Why/Why not?]

If someone asks me firsts and I feel like being captured in a photo, I do not mind. Otherwise, I do not prefer to be in a photograph, especially with less known or unknown people. I think this is a personal choice and I am not the type of person who likes taking selfie or self-photograph now and then.

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