(2023) Describe a Person You Met At a Party Who You Enjoyed Talking With

Describe a Person You Met At a Party Who You Enjoyed Talking With

Describe a Person You Met At a Party Who You Enjoyed Talking With
Describe a Person You Met At a Party Who You Enjoyed Talking With

Cue Card

You should say:

  • What party it was
  • Who this person is
  • What you talked about
  • And explain why you enjoyed talking with him/her

Sample Answer

At a recent party, I had the pleasure of speaking with a person named Sarah. The party was a friend’s birthday celebration, held at their home on a Saturday evening. Sarah was a friend of a friend and I had never met her before.

We started talking about our shared interest in hiking and outdoor activities. Sarah was full of stories about her adventures and it was clear she was very passionate about the subject. She had recently gone on a trip to a national park and showed me pictures of her journey. She was knowledgeable, humorous and very friendly.

Our conversation eventually turned to work and I was surprised to learn that Sarah was a software engineer. It was fascinating to hear about her experience in the tech industry and her thoughts on the current advancements in artificial intelligence.

I enjoyed talking to Sarah at the party because she was a great conversationalist, and she made me feel comfortable and at ease. I found her to be intelligent, interesting, and humble. She had a positive outlook on life and was always eager to share her experiences and opinions.

Overall, talking to Sarah at the party was a wonderful experience, and I hope to have the chance to talk to her again in the future.

Part 3

1. On what occasions would people be willing to get to know new people?

People are often willing to get to know new people on social occasions like parties, networking events, or other gatherings. Other times include starting a new job, joining a new club or organization, or moving to a new place. Opportunities to meet new people can arise from shared interests, common goals, or just being open to new experiences.

2. Where would people get to know new people?

People can get to know new people in a variety of places such as at work, school, social events, clubs or organizations, and through mutual friends. They may also meet new people through online communities or through hobbies and interests.

3. How do people start a conversation?

People start a conversation by finding common ground, asking questions, and showing interest in the other person. Small talk about the surroundings, current events, hobbies or shared experiences can help break the ice. Maintaining eye contact, having a positive attitude, and active listening are also important in starting a conversation.

4. Is it difficult for Vietnamese people to communicate with people from other countries?

It depends on individual’s language proficiency, cultural understanding, and communication skills. Some Vietnamese people may face language barriers when communicating with people from other countries, but others may have good English skills and be comfortable with different cultures. It varies greatly.

5. Why are some people unwilling to have conversation with others?

Some people may be unwilling to have conversation with others due to social anxiety, shyness, or a lack of confidence. They may also have different communication styles or experiences that make it difficult for them to connect with others. Others may prefer to keep to themselves or have difficulty finding common interests with others.

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